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Selling a good chunk of my collection


Prices are based off of a discount compared to Noble Knight, BGG, Ebay, Amazon, and web searches. Pricing is negotiable. The more you want to buy, the more I'm likely to agree to an offer. If you find a comparable condition significantly cheaper, let me know and I'll probably agree to that.

The sale includes board games, miniature stuff (mostly Dwarven Forge and Bones), RPGs, misc gaming, and a few non-gaming items.

Sale Spreadsheet

Shipping will be based on the official estimator for the shipper used.

You can reply to this thread or email me at wilcoxon.alt (at) gmail.

Edit: changed to google sheets link/sheet (xlsx via link was harder to read).
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You must click at base where you will see mini, rpg and other stuff. He has a wide variety from ICE. Rolemaster is tempting... But I am low on budget right now. With my daugther at the university...

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