{Settings Tournament} Round 4 - Semifinals!

Which do you prefer?

  • Greyhawk over Ravenloft

    Votes: 57 61.3%
  • Ravenloft over Greyhawk

    Votes: 36 38.7%
  • Planescape over Dark Sun

    Votes: 48 51.6%
  • Dark Sun over Planescape

    Votes: 38 40.9%

  • Poll closed .


And then there with four, with the Forgotten Realms vanquished by Planescape, Eberron defiled by Dark Sun, Golarion drained by Ravenloft, and Mystara torn to bits by Greyhawk.

Vote away!

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Honestly, when this goes to the next round, if planescale vs. greyawk, I'm going to have to make a REALLY tough decision. I honestly don't know if I can choose. It's like choosing between air and water - when it comes to survival. Ideally I want both - could that be included in the next poll, Greyhawk-Planescape setting (assuming those are the winners of this one, of course)?


Yeah, I'm struggling with Planescape vs. Dark Sun and thus have put off my vote. I could really go either way. On one hand I like Planescape's diversity and would prefer playing or DMing it, on the other I like Dark Sun more aesthetically, as a world building project. Given that Planescape is likely going to trounce Dark Sun, I might give old Athas the vote out of respect.

And yeah Greyhawk vs. Planescape is going to be a Battle Royale...but that's the point, so no hybrid option!


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Planescape vs. Dark Sun is pretty brutal. Two old favorites. And, actually, two of the only D&D settings I've actually run games in.

Have to go with Planescape, though. Not because of the planes, but because of the factions and the City of Doors.

And Ravenloft gets a bye for me because I never really "got" Greyhawk. Sorry Greyhawk fans.



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I'll never understand what people love about Planescape. The only thing I'll concede is that it's far better then Spelljammer... :)


I don't see how Planescape loses this in the finals. Greyhawk fans better get on their bbses and start listserving their friends.

Oh yes I did.

I'm amazed FR lost.

I love Dark Sun, and my last experience with Planescape was pretty bad (the DM wanted us all to belong to the same faction, and it turns out that's not really sane).


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It is going to be a though one for the finals, Greyhawk vs Planescape, mmm, I didn't actually expected it to happen.


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It is going to be a though one for the finals, Greyhawk vs Planescape, mmm, I didn't actually expected it to happen.

I'm not really that surprised. Both Greyhawk and Planescape have long term, die hard FANS. By comparison, most other settings simply have fans. And to top it off, both GH and PS fan communities have very active representatives here on ENWorld. They're probably the two most glowingly talked about settings by reasonably broad groups of participants - at least in the threads I've read. Granted, that's anecdotal since I wasn't really keeping careful track, but my impression for a long time has been that those two settings have some of the most devoted fans here on ENWorld.


I am a bit disappointed that Ravenloft is getting trounced. :( Still, good to see it make it this far, I suppose. Was also disappointed that Mystara got voted off the island.


Forgotten Realms used to be the most popular Wizards setting for quite some time, but I'm guessing the last iteration may have hit its overall popularity. I hope it comes back strong, but in the meantime it nice to see two settings which could use the support top the list this go around.


I cannot express how deeply I want to start posting in-character just for this thread and potentially the next. shemmywink.gif


Dangit, I brainfarted and put Planescape over Dark Sun thinking that Planescape was Spelljammer.

Still, why all the Greyhawk love? Greyhawk must BURRRRN. Ravenloft ftw.


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I cannot express how deeply I want to start posting in-character just for this thread and potentially the next. View attachment 59891

Ooh, Crisis on D&D Worlds. Maybe that should be the core cosmology of D&D5.

Elminster said:
I'm glad to be with you, Raistlin Majere, here at the end of all things.

Raistlin said:
Roll for initiative, monkeyboy.

Die, Vecna, Die! was so underrated.


No surprises here. Unless there's a last minute surge by the members of athas.org, we're going to have a Greyhawk vs. Planescape Battle Royale.

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