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Podcast "Shared Sagas" a brand new Australian AP Podcast

Thomas Bagley

Hey folks,

Just wanted to pimp my new podcast.

We are brand new so really appreciate anyone checking us out and sincerely appreciate any feedback.

"Shared Sagas is an Australian RPG Actual Play podcast, weekly episodes will feature both one-shot and ongoing campaigns of tabletop role-playing games for your amusement.

We are just a bunch of gamer-geek friends having fun at the table, and you get to listen!"

(Available on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and others.)

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Thomas Bagley

New episode just dropped, come check us out!

The characters get in another street fight, pay a visit to Blackstaff Tower and employ their extreme fumigation skills to someone else’s basement.

Thomas Bagley

New episode just dropped, come check us out if you haven't already :)

In this episode the gang meet a talking horse, have a delightful (if slightly awkward) dinner party and learn of an exciting new heist opportunity.

Thomas Bagley

Presenting episode 10 for your amusement.

In this action packed episode the gang attempt a daring carriage heist! Will they succeed? Listen and find out.

….Also, the legend of Bo-Jezz Horseman is born.