Sigil NPC list, Venues list and Map downloads

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I was having problems with it earlier, but I thought I'd fixed it. It's working for me now. Try it again? :\


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The Planescape Conspectus is basically just an ad that came with Dragon Magazine, and has no substantial new information. It's a bunch of images from Planescape products crudely Photoshopped together on a fold-out poster, with some explanations of what Sigil, the factions, and the Outer Planes are.

The Planescape Sketchbook was a book of conceptual art Dana Knutson made for the campaign setting available at Gen Con one year. There might conceivably be some drawings of Sigil NPCs in it that might be indexed, but that wouldn't be useful to many people.

The other sources you mention seem worth adding to the index. Off hand, I know there's at least one major Sigil NPC in the PSMCIII, and it'd be fun to add characters from the Torment novel (some of whom also appeared in Dragon #264). I don't have the Blood War trilogy or In the Abyss, but I can do the others.

I haven't been able to read the document, by the way - perhaps it's a problem with trying to read an .xls document with Microsoft Works? Regardless, it keeps making Microsoft Works crash.


I'm aware of what the Sketchbook and Conspectus are even if I've never seen either. I don't imagine that many of the remaining sources will yield many new Sigil NPCs and Locations since they're dedicated to other planes, but you never know when a throw-away quote will pop up in a Planescape product so it's best not to rule anything out without checking it first.

Besides, I'd love an opportunity to flip through the sketchbook. Does anyone have a copy? :heh:

I actually have access to most of the unindexed material, the only exceptions being the Player's Primer to the Outlands boxed set, Monstrous Compendium Appendix III, Planescape Conspectus, The Planescape Sketchbook and the Torment novel. It's simply that, after working my way through the first 20+ sources, I started to lose a little steam. I figured 700+ NPCs and 250+ locations culled from all the primary Planescape sources was adequate for an initial online posting. I do intend to eventually work my way through the remaining sources (though I'm dreading tackling the Blood Wars Trilogy; reading through it once was challenging enough).

I don't know enough about Excel or Microsoft works to help you. If someone can suggest a better file format for the document then perhaps I can resave it and post it online... :\
Piratecat said:
I plan to blatantly pillage this for my campaign.
That's what it's for. :D


Re: the problem with Works - it may be that that program is just so elderly compared to Excel which was what the file was created with. And unfortunately, given the type of data in the file - excel is your ideal format.

With that sort of situation in mind, I'm currently working on creating a database to house all of this information. Ideally that will allow those of you who can't download or read .xls files for whichever reason - to get the information anyways sincethe database will be able to serve it up to you however you prefer. :) I'll update this thread once we get that up and going.


Since Clueless has graciously setup a page for the Sigil Map I thought I'd ask for opinions in regards to the file size and format(s) which would be of use to the most people.

The map was originally created in Illustrator (all the text is vector based) with an imported hi-res RGB Photoshop file for the background image. As is the file is 32" wide by 22" high at 300 dpi. When it came time to print it, I supplied my girlfriend with a hi-res PDF which weighed in at about 30 megabites. She printed it up on a large format inkjet printer she has access to and now I have a beautiful big full-color map of this great fantasy metropolis. :D

I know not everyone has access to a large format printer or high-speed internet so I figured it'd be best to ask to find out what people want to see and then tailor the download file to match. So what size/resolution/format would be best? What's better; Jpeg or PDF? Are multiple download options a better idea? If so how many?


Clueless has just finished setting up the online search function. She's still working out the bugs but it seems to be working well so far. Kudos to her! :)


Ambrus said:
So what size/resolution/format would be best? What's better; Jpeg or PDF? Are multiple download options a better idea? If so how many?

If you can afford it in size and bandwidth, at least ONE of the options should be that monster map at 30 MB. Though not everyone does, lots of gamers have access to a full printer/plotter and would love to have it. The second option should be the opposite end of the spectrum -- letter or legal size, and small resolution. Then if you can afford the space, add the in-between options. Me, I'd like the big one, even if I never got a chance to print it out in its full glory.

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