Signatures, signs, signets, marks and such.

Hand of Evil

Due you use them? Does your party have a banner, a stamp, an icon they are known by. Do your bad guys? Does your thief leave behind a silk glove? Your assassin place pennies over the eyes? Does your wizard bear a dark mark?

There are many reasons to have them, paperwork, IDs, business, you have proof of crime, territory. ownership and many others.

What are some of your and their meanings.

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Never have, never seen anyone do it. Some parties who were law enforcement of various kinds would leave cards with contact details, but they were obliged to do so.

There was a legendary PC in the eighties in the UK who did such things. His trademark style was distinctive. You would be in some normal place or doing some normal adventuring activity then suddenly everything changed (he was fond of Time Stop). Everything was wrecked, everything valuable gone, people injured but usually not dead. There would be a small card with a signature, "Thomas." I think it put players off leaving marks.

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