So one of my players decided to summon a Demon and cut a Deal.

Lord Zardoz

My current group is at about level 17 and they are in the Frost Spire portion of Revenge of the Giants. I try to run my game so that if any 3 show up, I will run it (though I try to scale encounters to avoid TPK). The party's cleric is going to be unavailable for a long while. Lacking healing, the PC's were a bit wary, and decided to work out a solution.

One of my PC's (A warlock named Grindlewald) thought it would be a good plan to summon up a Demon to help with the Frost Spire quest. The Summon Demon ritual from the Demonomicon was used. I slightly edited the flavor text to the following:

You call a demon's awareness across planar boundaries to your location. It should be noted that taking this particular course of action has never ever been known to be a bad idea, and there are no known instances of anyone ever regretting it. Seriously you should try this one out!

After negotiation's concluded, Mike managed to gain some much needed assistance from a source with a reputation for being perfectly fair and entirely trustworthy. The terms are entirely reasonable will never cause anyone to have any regrets ever.

Deal was made with an entity named Uralkazzar.

General terms:
Services to be rendered will be provided by a new associate / traveling companion (Grgnaw the Imp)
The Grgnaw will provide intel and recon.
The Grgnaw will minor tactical support, primarily healing.
The Grgnaw will render assistance and advice when requested.
The deal will represent an 'ongoing relationship' between Uralkazzar and Grindlewald.
Assistance is primarily to be provided to obtain a piece of a 'Divine Engine' from the Frost Spire.
The terms of the deal and may be expanded and extended on later at Grindlewald's request

Cost of the Deal:
Grindlewald will [bold]successfully complete[/bold] 5 tasks for Uralkazzar.
The exact nature of the tasks will be determined later.
Uralkazzar is under no obligation to explain why any particular task is being performed.
The tasks must be within Grindlewalds power to complete, and within reason (ie, no assualting the gates of heaven. No wholesale slaughter of orphans. No puppy rape, etc).
Uralkazzar shall take posesson of Grindlewalds still beating heart until the tasks are successfully completed. If Grindlewald attempts to renege, there will be dire consequences.
Grindlewald will lose the use of 2 Healing Surges for the duration of the deal.
Continued use of Grgnaw's services beyond the Frost Spire missoin may incur additional tasks.
Extraordinary support will incur additional tasks (ie: support beyond what could be done with a ritual or class power of the party's level). This includes a 'Raise Dead' performed on Grindlewald.

Misc: Grindlewald may regain posession of his still beating heart prior to completion of the terms of the deal in exchange for 10 still beating hearts obtained from others. Hearts must come from people willing to cut a deal of their own free will. Grindlewald will still have debt, but he will have more leeway to decline a particular task.

Grgnaw's stat sheet is attached and may yet be subject to further revision. The goal is to provide a source of utility powers and a few minor tactical enhancements + cleric like healing, but to make the choices generally less optimal then the players own class abilities. It is intended to be an NPC like those listed in the Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium book.

If any of you have comments or suggestions, go ahead and post them.



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Love it! Grgnaw sounds like a pustulent little bastard :devil: I think since Grgnaw provides no save bonuses or anything, the party is really going to miss their cleric's save-granting powers and copious healing.

That said, it would be a great twist to reveal later on just *how* Grgnaw's brutal healing works. For example, I imagine it would be health taken from someone else (maybe thru an interplanar imp "life force bank"), but only reveal it once the PCs have benefited from it for some time.

Lord Zardoz

I am unsure. I had 3 players yesterday. The pool of possible players is 7. I will run with only 3 to prevent a campaign from ending via stagnation.

The players who were present were on board, mostly because of the expected lack of healing going forward.

The amusing bit to me is that Grgnaw is very good for providing recon since he can go invisible essentially at will, but because the little bastard is so foul, his stench will likely give him away and end up making the hostiles suspicious. Using Grgnaw for recon in that manner will get them intel, but it will probably give up the element of surprise.



First Post

I always think that elements like this can add so much fun to a game. Even if it comes with unexpected side-effects (which I am sure the PCs have not yet really come to grips with the full nature of their new companion nor the reach of their new bargain).

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