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Syfy's 4th of July Twilight Zone marathon (Tuesday, 7/4/17 - Wednesday, 7/5/17)


Who else here is looking forward to all (or more likely, at least part) this? :)

Unlike the channel's longer annual New Year's marathon which has thankfully been held consistently year in and year out, its 4th of July marathon hasn't been held every year, so it's good to see it being held this time around.

While I may or may not be home for most of that day, it's still cool to be able to record and watch certain favorite episodes (though this marathon's shorter duration than the New Year's version makes it less likely that there'll be an episode included that I somehow haven't seen yet or that I haven't seen in a long time).


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Derek Gabrys

First Post
The episodes chosen for this 4th of July marathon are pretty bad. Mostly the bottom echelon episodes. Only a few classics. It's cool they added a few eps from season 4 and some lesser seen ones but it's too much. No Walking Distance, Its a Good Life, Nick of Time, Kick the Can, The Hitchhiker, Nightmare as a Child, etc in a marathon lasting 30 hours? Most of the great and good episodes are not being shown for some reason . Who chose these episodes?

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