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Syfy's New Year's Twilight Zone marathon (Thursday, 12/31/20 - Saturday, 1/2/21)


Who else here is looking forward to all (or more likely, at least part) of this annual tradition? :)

While I won't be able to watch a large chunk of the marathon, it's still cool to be able to record and watch certain favorite episodes (though I also always seem to find an episode or two that I'd never seen or that I hadn't seen in a long time). Also, if one still can't go to sleep after returning from a New Year's party, the marathon provides perhaps the only good thing to watch that late at night after the New Year's shows have long since ended.


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I stopped watching SyFy years ago. I do occasionally drop in on Comet these days, but otherwise...done on that scale.

BBC will be releasing a Doctor Who special this year I hear, I think it is at 6:45 on Jan 1 from what I understand. Hopefully I can catch that, but I may also have my time and date wrong.

The Twilight Zone is on quite often here, if not daily, and I rarely if ever watch it anymore. I've seen all of them AFAIK. and on the rare occasion I do watch an episode it seems its one of the few Ive watched last. Oddly though when the New Years marathon is on I watch some of it. Theres some great episodes, some that are mediocre and some pretty bad ones, but regardless none of the other incarnations come close to the original. The two episodes of Jordan Peeles reboot I saw were pretty terrible, Id be surprised to find out if its still on. Night Gallery was pretty good too, but I havent seen it on TV in years.

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