D&D 5E Teaser: Chapter 1 of "The Shardlight Epic" — an adventure-campaign setting that pushes 5E's creative space to its limits.

Howdy everyone! Here is the first chapter of our third major project, TORN & BEYOND. Specifically, this is the first chapter of The Shardlight Epic — an adventure-campaign setting designed not only for ease of DM use, but also to create one-shots, short stories, and epic campaigns with the materials therein.

So what is TORN & BEYOND?

This project is a sequel to our debut work, SCAVENGER: Nomads of Uncharted Worlds. This is a 5th edition setting wherein a dying bronze age world discovers an alien dimension and the otherworldly magic produced from that dimension’s shardstones — blood-colored gems that warp reality to suit their invoker’s needs. The namesake heroes — scavengers — organize into groups called scavenger rings and travel into that alien dimension, the World Torn Apart (or Torn for short) to find resources to help their dying people, answers to what is happening, places for them to possibly escape to, and power for themselves to wield.

While Torn was explored with three fully fleshed out adventure locations in our first book, TORN & BEYOND takes everything to the next level. This project is composed of two individual books that will be debuting as the same Kickstarter project: The Shardlight Epic and The Shardstone Codex.

Combined, the books not only give well over half a hundred story seeds but also fully fleshed out narrative structures to run adventures with, a playable and customizable campaign that’s taken serious organizational lessons from other books, new races, new magic items, and a new kind of fantasy paradigm for you to experience.

What else can I use this project for?

If you don’t want to play in the SCAVENGER setting, fret not. TORN & BEYOND’s magical items, extensive 50+ entry bestiary (which uses the new guidelines for monsters as laid out by WotC), new overland travel procedures, and the many generators for weirdly terrifying facets, Impossibilities, and scenarios can be dropped easily into any other world. All you need to do is have an affinity for the weird, or a desire to surprise your players with something balanced, fun, and insane.

Where can I learn more?

Check us out on our website! There you’ll find the PDF for our first SCAVENGER, our second non-D&D project too, and a blog that takes a deep dive into many of the things TORN & BEYOND will contain.


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