Thanksgiving Monsters 2021


Guide of Modos
Homebrewers, manual-experts, web-crawlers, let's see your suggestions for Thanksgiving-themed monsters! Cheesy (cheeky?) ideas are welcome, but not required i.e. the dire turkey.

Sasemineash Beast, level 7

In early autumn, a horrid slime circles the village, creeping through the bushy fields surrounding it. It rolls across whatever it likes and takes with it whatever it wills; its movement cannot be stopped. Oddly, it never enters the village, but we keep our children close once it is sighted, and for a full day after our harvest feast. It begins its journey as clear as water, but if you see a puddle or a wet cloud, red with blood and cranberries, run. Just run.
Physical 16, Mental 13, Metaphysical 8
Skills: Magic (hold 3) 4, Movement 3
Perks: Tough x2 (24), Stubborn (17), Mana x2 (16), Bonus Action (movement), Martial Artist
Gear: Suffocating goo d6, resilient hide d4

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Someone at my local shop had his group fight the Turducken. I was in a different group unfortunately, but from what I overheard you dealt a certain amount of damage to it and it would split. Then you had to deal with the turkey, chicken, and duck.

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