The Fantasy Trip (TFT) Kickstarter is live!

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Sir Brennen

Wow. Already funded several times over after just three days. Lotta love for a game that's been out of print almost forty years. I know I played a lot of Melee and Wizard back in early high school before D&D.

I definitely encourage anyone who's just curious to look at least at the $30 pledge level. You get the two micro-games, which are fun arena combats, easily played over a lunch (which I can personally confirm). Also, you get the full RPG book in PDF form essentially for free, as the $30 looks like what you'd pay for just the micro-games retail when they come out.
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Steve Jackson of SJG has acquired the rights back for the classic game The Fantasy Trip and has a Kickstarter to help fund its return! This is a classic story about the early days of gaming coming to a great conclusion and now you can be a part of it.

Thanks for sharing the project! If anyone has questions, please feel free to ask away and we'll try to answer them.


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FINAL HOURS of The Fantasy Trip Kickstarter!!

FINAL HOURS! The Fantasy Trip Kickstarter ends today (Friday 8/24) at 6pmET!!


Closing in on $300k, which will add the final (?) stretch goal of an awesome Pocket Box version of Melee and Wizard. But what's already included in the pledge levels and achieved stretch goals has been overwhelming!

The best deal has to be the $110 "I Want It All" reward level. That scores you the Legacy Edition game (see contents list, below), two Dyson Logos illustrated playmats, a printed copy of the Companion sourcebook, a custom 9" x 12" pocket folder, and a hardcover copy of the 176-page In the Labyrinth rulebook.

If you go for the $60 reward level, you get a copy of the Legacy Edition box, which includes:

- Two boxed microgames, Melee and Wizard, each complete with maps, counters, and dice.
- In the Labyrinth: 176-page softcover rulebook.
- A character- and reference-sheet booklet.
- The adventure Tollenkar's Lair.
- Two solitaire adventures, Death Test and Death Test 2, boxed together with the associated counters.
- A four-panel, landscape GM screen.
- Melee and Wizard character pads.
- A stack of die-cut megahexes so that you can build your own dungeon layouts.
- Two 17" x 22" poster maps.

Most of these are also supplied as PDFs, and will be available as add-ons if you want extras.

SJG has also revealed that they are planning supplements, and will have 5 all new adventures planned for release in PDF before the game ships in March 2019.

Next year will be a big one for TFT, but TODAY is the day to get in on it!

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