D&D 5E The Lichway - IC Thread


"Not exactly what I would have chosen for the decor," says Rurik with a hint of a whistle. The dwarf takes his time but he moves up to take a look at the writing.

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Dr Simon

OOC: Oops, I probably could have sped things up here since the writing is in Common...

The writing at the base of the statue reads:

"Bathe Sandlander, and restful
Ease thy cares
'Til the Singer stills his song
Then rise to claim thy wares"


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: Does Zanword know of the stories either among sailors or as part his warden training that would help with this? Particularly, what or who would be sandlander...but also any legend about magical rejuvenating springs that give you enchanted armors as you sleep in them :p

Dr Simon

The Sandlanders were the long lost culture that built the Lichway originally. Zanword's heard lots of stories about rejuvenating fountains, but none associated with armour.

OOC: The impression that I've got from 5E is that if you want any skill checks, e.g. History, Arcana etc. to try to ascertain any further knowledge, or if you think your character background helps, it's simply a case of making the justification for a roll, so if anyone feels that their character can help further...


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Captain Blackpearl looks around the statue and then cups his hand and smells and tries a little bit of water trying to ascertain if it is drinkable.

Perception (1d20+2=17); Medicine (1d20+2=12)

If he notices anything out of place on the statue he checks that before trying to water.

"Should we refill our waterskins? It's been a while, my waters tasting like leather already."


First Post
Mistral, clearly impatient, asks "Are we going to fawn over every statue? The last room had real threats. Shouldn't we clear the area first? I doubt its going anywhere. You can bathe later..."


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"I didn't say I want to bathe, I want to refill the waterskin. The sailor knows the value of fresh water.

Zanword proceeds to fill the skin. After he's done he leads the party down the tunnel.

Keep sharp.

Dr Simon

Pipluk nocks an arrow to his bow again, and he gestures to his companion Luqe to refill at the fountain as well.

"The captain is right," he says, probably to Mistral although he continues to watch the corners of the room rather than directly at the bard. "We should examine all that we can." Then he turns to look at Mistral. "But you're right also. I can send my man Vanamonde back to guard against any dangers coming up behind."

"**** that," says Vanamonde.

Meanwhile, Zanword and Ethian proceed down the wide corridor. Every available bit of wall is taken up with stone slabs, roughly door-sized, each bearing an inscription in an older version of Common, that appears to be a name of some kind. At the crossroads, the ends of the left and right tunnels are lost beyond the reach of Ethian's arcane light. Ahead, the orange flicker of firelight can be seen on the walls, and there is a faint sound of voices that echo down the halls, over the everpresent sound of the whispering wind.


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