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Skarn Rapajya

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I figured my comments about the website being down in my other posting warranted a separate thread. :)

About once every 6-8 months I've been checking your website on the off chance that you've actually released DB World. Stefan, I'm presuming that tOgc finances are why the website is down, rather than exceeding your traffic quota for the month. ;)

That being the case, I remember you saying that DB World was basically done and you were just waiting to finish the 4E adaptations before releasing it. The good news is that the current version of the GSL has done away with the clause requiring that you not have similar OGL & GSL product lines. However, if you look at the GSL FAQ, it is not possible to combine 3.5 & 4E version of DB into a single product. The monster stat blocks for 3.5 would be in violation of the GSL because they make material changes to classes that exist in 4E.

I for one would buy DB World for 3.5 as soon as I learn of its release. OTOH, I don't know anybody who actually plays 4E.

In other words, if finances are why your website is down, and if DB World for 3.5 is actually done, release it. That will get your finances moving again. If that is not the problem, then please let the outside world know what's happening . . . with DB World, and with the tOgc website.

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