The Storm Has a Name...

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Sure but there's like, three dozen forums. And this one is in the bottom third. They all kinda meld into one another when you're scanning.

Plus, when this one is below the Off Topic and Play-by-Post sections...I wasn't even aware there _was_ anything below those. I didn't keep scrolling.
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I'm gonna take a random guess that someone licensed rights to Warlord CCG or RPG.

No this is clearly about Torg.

The D20 dices are "eternity shards" from the old WEG boxed set and the quote is from that game too.

BTW Warlord had its RPG back in the day of 3.5 D&D.


So Torg will finally return ?

I hope it will be more fulfilling than WEG last attempt with the R&E edition ^_^

I posted what I have been able to find out at The Piazza:

To summarize, we may see a TORG 2nd Edition, designed by Shane Hensley (Savage Worlds), published by Ulysses Spiele in 2016. Note that these are all rumours. I hope they are true though! :)


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