The Weavings of a Different Wheel (Orichin's custom WoT campaign)


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Time to dance, the Maiden signals her fellow Aiel with a quick flick of her fingers. No more words would be necessary as the Algai'd'siswai move forward with murderous intend, years of hunting and fighting showing in every simple movement.
Quickly, and as quiet as possible, the Maiden brushes through the perfidious shrubbery, hoping to take one of the Trollocs unaware.

((Move Silently d20[3]+10= 13))
((Initiative d20[11]+11= 22))
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Karl Green

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Al'shain de'Kossin, Borderlander Armsman

Roaring with rage, Al'shain slashes at the two beasts still holding onto the wagon...
Attack roll with first sword 18+4 =22, Damage 1d8+5 =13 points, second Attack roll 13+4 =17, Damage 1d8+3=8

He then turns towards the front and yells to the driver "Drive them as if the Dark One himself where behind us! We can not be stopped here!"


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Hanjia and her companions moved through the underbrush quietly as they approached the scene.
3 Aiel exchanged blows with 4 shadowspawn not far from Hanjia. None appeared to notice her or the two other veiled warriors approaching from the north. 2 trollocs stood between Hanjia and the 3 Aiel warriors who stood tightly packed and surrounded in a small clearing. On the other side of the Aiel formation a scythe-sword wielding trolloc dwarfed the 4th member of the enemy's number. A pale-skinned, eyeless human in silent black plate with a cape the same color that seemed to hang motionless at all times worked furiously with a jet-black sword, pressing 2 of the Aiel into one of the trollocs between Hanjia and her allies.
Irrational fear rose in Hanjia's throat at the sight of the black-clad myrrdraal.
2 Aiel and 4 trollocs lay scattered about the area, already fallen victim to deadly spears or black metal blades.

combat: a map with your character's name has been attatched. All of the Aiel already involved in the fight are wounded (though the two that came with you are not hurt), as are the 2 trollocs closer to Hanjia and the myrrdraal. the third trolloc is untouched. You will be acting first, myrrdraal at 19, other Aiel at 14 and trollocs at 13

"You're sure he's not?!" The driver shouted back to Al'Shain.
The carriage dashed headlong toward the Trolloc line as if the horses were suicidal.
Al'Shain could now see arrows pelting the beasts from the forests. The archers were unseen, but the arrows were many, and took their toll.
Stepping down on the axe to hold it in place with his weight and prevent it from hurting him, Al'Shain again plunged his blades down at downward angles, connecting with both of the trollocs in turn. Neither seemed slowed down by their injuries and continued up the carriage as if they meant to run Al'Shain down where he stood.
The sword-wielding trolloc was first onto the carriage and made for the driver immediately; its wickedly curved blade poised to crash down on the unsuspecting man as he continued to shout at the horses. Al'Shain's blade darted reflexively toward the beast as it moved past him, the honed edge tearing easily into the exposed flesh of the trollocs' leg.
The axe-wielding trolloc followed closely behind the first. Standing and tearing its axe from the wooden carriage in a motion that showed phenominal strength, the trolloc splintered a 2-foot section of wood to flinders that blew away in the wind and raised the axe over its head.
Al'Shain raised his weapons in an X over his head to catch the swinging axe, but the trolloc powered through his defense and left Al'Shain with a deep gash in his shoulder for his trouble.

combat: AoO hit (since no other AoO's would have been available, I assumed you would take it) for 7 damage. The second trolloc hit Al'Shain for 9. At the end of the round, the carriage's stopping position is 40 feet from the trolloc line, and will collide with it next round. Also, a map has been attatched.

The first day of Audrey's punishment was utterly exhausting. Collapsing on her bed (which was only sleightly softer than the one she had had as a novice), Audrey began drifting immediately into sleep. With hardly a clue as to how she would get through 2 weeks of this pace; keeping up with her studies-which were trying to begin with-and using every other spare minute to scrub pots, floors, laundry, and any other menial or unpleasant task that Sheriam Sedai could come up with.
"Next I'll be chasing her favorite bracelet into the sewers." Audrey mumbled cinically.
Audrey's questions continued to present themselves unbidden in her mind. Though exhausted, Audrey got little sleep that night. She remained awake questioning what had happened.
Could she have been mistaken somehow? No, Audrey was quite sure of everything she had seen until she entered the library, and that was what they were questioning.
Could one of the Aes Sedai be lying? No. Simply not possible.
Could she be going mad?


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Karl Green

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Al'shain de'Kossin, borderlander armsmen

[occ] Well this an't going to well ;) [/occ]

Al'shan grunts with pain and swears to himself that these beast will die with his last breath...
Attack roll 18+4 =22, Damage 1d8+5 =12. Second attack roll 16+4=20, Damge 1d8+3 =5 points


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'One of the eyeless?!'
Hanjia hisses surprised behind her veil, her voice almost faltering for a moment. Quickly turning again towards her two companions, her slightly shaking fingers hectically move through a series of commands, asking the two Algai'd'siswai who accompanied her to follow the Maiden into a fight with the black-clad abdomination.

Quickly trying to determine which side will offer the three Aiel the best cover, Hanjia guesses that their chances of surprising the halfman would be better from the forest side. Her course determined the Far Darais Mai sets out into the underbrush to the right, circeling quickly around the fighting Aiel to get close to the Myrrdraal. Her eyes gleaming with murderous intend.

Kinda assuming Hanjia would decide that killing the leader would be the best option, even if she doesn't know about the link between Trollocs and Myrrdraal. Sadly, Hanjia will be quite suspectible by the Myrrdraals stare I guess.

((Move Silently (-5 for moving at full speed) d20[17]+10-5= 22))
((Will Save d20[14]-1= 13))


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Hanjia: Weaving through the underbrush silently, Hanjia maneuvered around the battle toward the black, snake-like fighter. As lions stalking their prey, the 3 Aiel warriors surrounded the myrrdraal.
Sensing their comrades' maneuver, the two spearmen in the midst of the scene shifted their focus. The one to the East pressed back against the fade's black-bladed onslaught, drawing it's attention away from the prowling re-enforcements. The other focused its ire upon the two trollocs pressing from the sides, driving them back with a flash of bloody spearpoints. The trolloc closer to Hanjia's position fell with blood running under its breastplate and out its side.

combat: no will save needed until the myrddraal looks at you (once you engage it). keep in mind a 5 foot step in threatened space doesn't incur attacks of opportunity. The third aiel combatant and all of the shadowspawn seem unaware of your presence.

(ooc: just 'trollocs' seems too easy)


The scythe-sword arced down at the driver as the rear horse on the right side of the carriage tried to veer away from the trolloc line. Catching in the harness, the horse jerked the carriage to one side, sending the driver careening across the bench built to seat two as the trolloc's blade cleaved the bench where he was sitting.
The same momentum aided Al'Shain in driving the point of his sword into a gap in the back of the trolloc's armor and deep within it's shoulder. Luckily for it, the beast was already dead.
3 Trollocs grabbed onto the trailing edge of the carriage as the first rank of horses met the trolloc line. An explosion of sound issued from the trolloc ranks as every polearm rose to meet the horses.
Trollocs grow sadistic to a fault when bloodlust runs high, and the trollocs were ready to kill something. The entire line converged on the carriage and attempted to board it. Trollocs, weighing as much as a horse each, stopped the carriage's forward momentum as the persuing force collided with the back.
The carriage bucked as Al'Shain drove his other blade through his enemy's calf.
The carriage jumped as he withdrew his blades from their trolloc sheathes.
The carriage flew, screams piercing the roar of the trolloc swarm below Al'Shain.
The driver seemed to leap skyward from his seat to Al'Shain, only to have the carriage follow him into the sky, the wood itself roaring in protest. Wheels exploded, the doors were torn from their hinges, and weapon-strokes from the trollocs had all but shattered the walls of the carriage.
Al'Shain experienced a very new sensation that day. The sensation of being 30 feet in the air and realizing the ground he's standing on is not only falling, but falling apart.
A sudden calm came over the borderlander as he sailed effortlessly through the air. It seemed to take quite long. He was aware of the carriage crashing down on the converging trolloc horde raining bloody, wooden death on the trollocs, with four innocent people inside. The driver had been shot off behind the trolloc line, as had Al'Shain, but at different angles.
Trolloc limbs seemed to writhe amidst dark mass of confusion and red lumber. Somehow, one of the horses struggled away from the mayhem with a chunk of harness and a piece of the carriage dragging at its side and began running southward.
Al'Shain watched the carriage flatten against the ground like a cake dropped from a great height, smothering the trollocs in a tidal wave of sharp debris that left little moving, save what fell through the air and the fleeing horse.
The driver smacked hard with a muffled thud against the packed clay, rolling quickly to a stop, his limbs flailing limply.
Al'Shain was lucky and landed in the underbrush-ridden ditch beside the road. A thick-barked, 5-inch thick fallen tree that had been cleared from the road long ago broke his fall with a bone-jarring snap.
The ground came up fast all the same, blowing all sense from Al'Shain's world for several moments as he skidded to a stop in the watery muck and leaves, underbrush lashing at him viciously.
The trolloc Al'Shain had wounded that had also been launched from the carriage had not been so lucky. With a series of loud snaps, the beast hit an oak branch with enough force to shear the wood and impale itself 15 feet off the ground, quite dead.

combat: The horse is 40 feet away and burdened by the 7 foot post dragging behind it (-5 to its movement rate until its removed). Al'Shain was propelled 60 feet. the underbrush and softish ground are reducing 3d6 of the falling damage to 2d4 for a total of 19. You held on to one of your swords, the other was lost when you hit the ground but is only 5 feet away (free action to pick it up while moving). you've been reduced to carrying gear only pretty much, with no bow/arrows.


ooc: ditto


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'Mordero daghain pas duente cuebiyar'
the Far Darais Mai whispers to herself as she closes in on the Halfman, trying desperatly to steel her heart against the vile creatures influence.

Despite the fear creeping up her spine, the Maiden hurls herself forward, spearpoint leading, to skewer the snake-like Myrrdraal.

((Initiative d20[19] +11= 30))

((Will Save d20[15]-1= 14))

((Attack d20[16] +7(Spear) +2(Charge) +2(Flanking) -2(Shaken)= 25 / Damage d6[4] +2(Str) -2(Shaken)= 4))

Karl Green

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Al'shain de'Kossin, borderlander armsman

occ sorry all

Question? Are any of the passengers alive? Or do I assume they are all dead? If there is a change they might alive I might have to change this action, but if dead...

Al'shan cursing the Dark One, stands unsteadly to his feet, spitting blood and races to recover his other sword father would never forgive me

He then moves towards cover and away from the trollocs swearing to the Light that he will avenge those folk...

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