These awesome, free 1-2 pages adventures


Apologies if this is a repost. I stumbled upon this page through a random blog:

It's a collection of free 1-2 page fantasy RPG adventures. They are quality. But most interesting is the premise of creating a 1-2 page adventure. Have a read of some of these; they're not full modules but they're more than just encounters. And on a page. Really interesting.
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Hey thanks, BMaC - these are mine. (I found your post in my blog's referrer listing.)

I want to point out that I didn't create this format, it came from the one-page dungeon contest which is currently in its eighth year. Each year they generate hundreds of cool, creative and strange submissions. I entered for the first time in 2012 and caught the bug, most likely because my home group had just started playing a game focused on dungeon crawls, and we needed adventures to play.

What started out as a bunch of unrelated adventures, meant for anyone to drop into their own campaign world, has gradually morphed into a glimpse of a larger campaign world, illuminated one dangerous spot at a time as part of the 'big map' (below). But my expectation is that most people will be filing off the serial numbers and putting them into their own setting.



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Just chiming in to give another big plus to the Trilemma adventures. I keep a battery of them on hand in my DM binder as ready to go one-shots. They're all interesting scenarios, and they're pretty enough to frame!

Keep up the good work, Fuseboy!

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