Throne of the Stone-Skinned King

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There's a few intriguing things in this.

I really like the appease the Sky Shaper skill challenge.

I can't believe someone thought the Firbolg Bloodbear was a good idea. That is just redonkulous grind right there. The portal hound is very intriguing, but I'm not sure how the Portal Walk power works (Does it go off before, or after the teleport? If afterwards, what's the point; it's a Close burst 1; what does it really accomplish, since the PH is all ready adjacent?). Really, the portal hounds make me think of blink dogs.

Ye gods that final boss fight is epic.


First Post
Yes, I like the looks of this installment. Each of the last three chapters has been a nice mix of combat, exploration, role-playing and skill challenges, IMO. I also like that the title page illustration shows the treat up front, but the real villain only in silhouette. I think my party will be able to keep their heads, even when expected to act civilly to evil creatures and make deals with them.

Not sure how I feel about the githyanki's ambassador. Since the last time he was seen, the adventure assumed the heroes didn't discover anything about his treachery and he hasn't been mentioned since, I think it will come a bit out of left field. "The ambassador is *who*? I guess I remember him a bit..... Wait, when did he betray his people? From before we met him? Why did he act the way he did the last time we saw him?" Et cetera....

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