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Fantasy Grounds

SmiteWorks USA LLC.
Campaign Setting for Savage Worlds

Once upon a time in the Caribbean...

In Tropicana, characters are adventurers, rogues, and troubleshooters, on the narrow border between law and something else.

They are detectives and spies, gamblers and mercenaries, exotic dancers and celebrities in need, traffickers and thugs, pilots and soldiers, surfers and tourists, students and activists. They will surely find themselves in trouble, be hired to handle the trouble, or actively look for trouble. And trouble in San José is always big, complicated, and twisted.

And after any adventure, they like to have boat drinks and smoke cigars together by the poolside.

Tropicana is a game of action heroes, special agents, and troubleshooters in San José, a rogue state consisting of a tropical metropolis, its wild jungle hinterland, and a small archipelago of paradise islands.

Fight criminals, investigate ancient mysteries, solve cases, seduce the most beautiful men and women!

Now grab your gun and a mojito and join the spies, billionaires, and rebels in this gangsta's paradise!

Reg. $19.99 On Sale $15.99 thru July 25th
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