DMs Guild Twilight at Eventide - A collection of three short 5e adventures is now available on the DMs Guild


Twilight at Eventide is a 32-page collection of three short adventures designed for characters of level 1-3. In the village of Eventide, the walls separating the settlement from the Feywild are weak. And strange creatures stalk the surrounding forests. Dark forms worship their demigod in hidden caves. A darkling elder has returned to take what was promised to him. And people enter the woods never to return. The village is in need of heroes. Will you answer the call?

In this product, you will find:
  • a description and map of the village of Eventide
  • a vivid cast of characters in the village
  • a variety of detailed location maps, including an old mine, an abandoned farmhouse, a decrepit tower, and a ruin
  • adventures that feature xvarts, darklings, dryads, and hags
  • a combination of roleplay, exploration, and combat encounters
This collection can be found here: Twilight at Eventide - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild

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