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Kickstarter UPDATE: The Superverse Kickstarter

Hey folks!

There are 11 days left to pledge on The Superverse Kickstarter. In addition to the original support for SUPERS! Revised, the KS now supports ICONS, BASH!, HERO System, and Supergame.

You can learn more about The Superverse (and SUPERS! Revised) here.

All the best,



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Howdy folks!

Although it's now available for the HERO System, ICONS, BASH!, Supergame, and SUPERS! Revised, the Superverse has its origins The Freedom Ring and The Iron Gauntlet - two character books I published for SUPERS! first edition. Artist and game designer Russ Boyd did the art and character designs on those two books, so he's really the co-creator of the original characters. Heck, he helped write "Will of Iron, Heart of Gold" - the first of the four adventures appearing in the current Superverse project.

In order to honor Russ and the origins of the Superverse, I'm offering Superverse Classic as part of The Superverse Kickstarter. This is a compilation that reprints The Freedom Ring and The Iron Gauntlet (with all of Russ' original art).

If you're interested, check out the recently added Tiers 5+ and 6+ on the Kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1884184046/the-superverse?ref=project_build

All the best,


The Superverse features the city of Del Rey, in which all four of its adventures are set. The streets, however, have no names! Backers, however, can help! Going forward, one of Del Rey's streets will be named after you if you pledge at the $50 tier or higher. That means that your name will appear on the snazzy city map that artist Ade Smith is developing for the project! Check us out at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1884184046/the-superverse?ref=user_menu

Robotic Avenger

First Post
Hey Dragonfly, the project looks great, I was wondering, what system would you recommend to use with the "Superverse" for novice younger players and is there a recommended group size for these adventures or can they be scaled?

Hi Robotic Avenger!

Thanks for the question! Almost all of the games that I'm supporting are rules-lite and, therefore, good for novice younger players. This is true for SUPERS! Revised, ICONS, and BASH! for sure.

I've only just discovered Supergame, so I can't totally vouch for its simplicity in play, but it seems pretty easy to pick-up. I'm converting characters to it now, and will play-test it soon.

Of the games that I support, HERO System is the only one that could be considered rules-heavy. It's a GREAT game! I played it for 20+ years (1982 - 2002 and occasionally since then), but it's definitely rules-heavy (which is part of what makes it powerful in some very interesting ways).

I'll say this, SUPERS! Revised is the only one of these games that I've played with VERY young kids. My daughters were 4 and 6 years old the first time they played, and they were able to understand the mechanics just fine. Well, my youngest didn't quite get the mechanics at the time, but she drew a picture of her character and each one of her powers in action. I'd prompt her in response to a situation, and she would point to the picture of a power and describe how her character was using it. Rolling dice after describing the narrative component was the easy part.

I've also played BASH! with high schoolers, and they LOVED it! I've only every played ICONS with adult veteran players, so I just don't know how younger or more inexperienced players would do with it. Maybe others can share their experiences?

The only other thing to consider, if all other things are equal to you, is that The Superverse was originally written as a SUPERS! Revised source book. That means that the section on new rules, including the mass combat system, are really only applicable to that game. I'll come up with workarounds when I do the conversions for the other games (that won't be a problem).

I hope that helps!

All the best,


Howdy folks!

For anybody who's interested - I added tiers 5+ and 6+ to The Superverse Kickstarter. These tiers give access to a reprint of the classic (1st edition SUPERS!) version of the Superverse + 1st edition stats and 1st edition style art (from Russ Boyd) for the new characters (heroes and villains) appearing in the current edition of the rules.

Also, tier 7 includes everything plus an opportunity for you and your group to game online with your's truly.

Visit us here if you're interested: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1884184046/the-superverse?ref=user_menu

All the best,


Alexander Cubas

First Post
Character creation

Howdy Drafonfly!

As you know from our history I habitually make detective characters of the Batman archetype which are difficult to create effectively in most point based systems. So far I have found it easy to create one in SUPERS! (from our play test). The narrative is the key; if you can conceive of an action or gadget within the rules it can happen and be effective.

My next challenge is to try a blended (meta human detective/gadgeteer) character like the Black Adder.

In any event I’m thrilled by this project and really enjoyed the setting in the play test. I think you nailed the goal of creating a setting that allows the players to create their own version of the universe without imposing too much of the provided environment.

On a final note the art is very nicely done!

St. Valentine

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