Weird dream symbol


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Had a dream that contained this image. The original was bolder and darker; this is just a quick sketch. (I can draw, but I'm really slow at it :D)

Any clues? I can't locate it. It could be just a random image dredged from my subconscious.

If you have any language specialist buddies I'd be interested in their input.


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Weird image didn't show, lemme try again....


"And in the time of three it shall come. From the cave beneath the valley of rounded hill, from the cage of air above the valley's peak, in the face of the saint, the gem of sleep abides. It shall signal its coming with dreams of blood, and the flowing sigil shall herald the path of the Corrupter!"

There ya go, Greg; one handy-dandy dream interpretation. If it's a little close to prophecy, well.. err.. I make no claims. What's sad is that there's probably a decent D&D adventure in that.

And if you turn the symbol around in a couple of different angles, my prophecy holds up from every side. :)
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Bah, Mongo no need dream interpreter or oracle, just salve for burning curiosity.


It wasn't a prophetic or Freudian dream, just a weird symbol that's nagging at my subconscious. Which I sadly managed to drag to the conscious world.


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The small circle is a symbol of returning to a place where you have been before. The "3" stands for 3rd edition. Did you recently switch to 3.5? Your dream is telling you to switch back, or that you will eventually switch back.


Zhure said:

It's a backwards "ta."

And that means.... "at"? I'm not searching for hidden meanings, they make my brain hurt.

An interesting site and somewhat relevant, as I was recently trying to determine "what WERE they thinking?!?" when naming the ixitxachitl. The closest I got was the Aztec "xochitl", meaning flower.

I once asked EGG where the word came from. He replied "Steve Marsh was the creator of that beastie. He told me he got the name , Ixitxachitl, from an historical list of names of people! He couldn't resist using it for a monster." in this thread:

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