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Had a dream that contained this image. The original was bolder and darker; this is just a quick sketch. (I can draw, but I'm really slow at it :D)

Any clues? I can't locate it. It could be just a random image dredged from my subconscious.

If you have any language specialist buddies I'd be interested in their input.


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Weird image didn't show, lemme try again....


"And in the time of three it shall come. From the cave beneath the valley of rounded hill, from the cage of air above the valley's peak, in the face of the saint, the gem of sleep abides. It shall signal its coming with dreams of blood, and the flowing sigil shall herald the path of the Corrupter!"

There ya go, Greg; one handy-dandy dream interpretation. If it's a little close to prophecy, well.. err.. I make no claims. What's sad is that there's probably a decent D&D adventure in that.

And if you turn the symbol around in a couple of different angles, my prophecy holds up from every side. :)
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