Welcome to the Creative Mountain Gamers Forum!


Welcome to the Creative Mountain Gamers Forum!

Be sure to pop into this thread to say Hello and feel free to start new threads to discuss CMG products, new and old. As I get more time, as this week progresses, I'll add more information in this forum and get better acquainted with its functionality.

Thanks for joining the group! :)

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Teflon Billy

Hey Mark! :)

Are you going to make it to Gen Con this year?

For those of you who don't know, when Gen Con was back in Milwaukee, Mark basically played it like a violin :)


Welcome to you both!

I am indeed going to Gencon this year. Will we be getting into a bit of trouble or casually avoiding the trouble as we sidestep our way into the awesome?


Extradimensional Explorer
does anyone have an OD&D(1974) conversion of the Whispering Woodwind?


You mean you didn't convert it already? :confused:

Hoping to run WW as the 2nd adventure for a group of newbies soon (if my real life lets up a little!), defininitely interested to know what CMG has planned. :D


I am still a bit loss on what to do with social groups...

If anyone has played any of the Cooperative Dungeons (CD 01 - Terror and Blasphemy, CD 02 - Halls of Anarchy, CD 03 - Crypt of Damnation or CD 04 - Tomb of Chaos) or Whispering Woodwind, we could use a thread on play experience with each of those. It need not be overly elaborate, though longer descriptions and pctures will always be welcome. Be sure to mark the threads that have spoilers, please, so that any players poking around will not gain any secrets. ;)


Sniper o' the Shrouds
Howdy, crew!

Hey, Mark, since I'm practically fungoid, are you going to be doing some 4E-compatible stuff, or sticking with 3.x/Pathfinder?


Yay. Your forum is up!

Hi Mark,
Glad, you found the link to promote to a forum. I'm really jealous about the GenCon thing. Hope you have fun there.

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