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[Westmarches 5e] The Bright Dawn is Recruiting!


BrightDawn Guild is a 5e Westmarches Style D&D game.
There is no regular time: every session is scheduled by DMs.
There is no regular party: each game has different players of around 3-7 people.
We have multiple campaigns & games being run by multiple DMs.
We use Discord for RP, Discussions, and Voice chat.
We use Roll20 for playing campaigns.
This is a PG-13 server.
Evil alignments and evil acts are forbidden in the guild.
We have a player based economy, everyone trades with eachother!
New Players welcome!

There are special events this month and as such the number of games have exploded. Personally I'll be running a fundraiser during this event to gather funds for the UNICEF Syrian refugee appeal. Come check us out!

Add me on discord Batdaf#2045 or drop me a line here.

Happy D&Ding!

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