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WotBS What about the cheese?


So my players took the cheese infused with necromantic magic with them from Korstull. My question here is....what does it actually do? :D
I was thinking and thought, that maybe it is a tool to trap a soul in a soul gem or something. But I am not 100% sure and maybe it is talked about in a later adventure. So i would like to know if there is any sidenote about it.

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Bill T.

As a nod to Harrow the Ninth, I suggest its powers only become apparent when it's used to make soup.

That, or it's just there for the puns. "Wow, that's really strong cheese!"
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It does. . . nothing. Sometimes an almost-complete wheel of chees that gives off a strong necromantic aura is just that.

My players used it as a bargaining chip with Naizelasa. She thought it was intriguing (and delicious).

In all honesty, I think Piratecat had the same joke magic item in a game he posted about here back in like 2004. It's a pure novelty.

I dunno, it probably has a distinctive flavor. I remember after I woke up from anesthesia for a surgery, the first food I had tasted like the best thing I'd ever eaten. I realized that I'd kinda sorta died as a conscious being, and after the anesthesia I was a new person, so the Coca Cola and graham crackers were the best food this version of me had ever had.

Maybe the cheese kills you a little too recreate that experience. Taste the food like it's your first time.

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I'd have fun with it. Say if you fill the mouth of a dead person with it they come back to life for one day. Or maybe rats and vermin that eat it become zombie vermin when they die...

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