(+)What Do You Want In A Character Sheet?

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Li Shenron

No need for them to be on the character sheets. That's part of the battle math.
I find that saving throw proficiencies need little to no room (as little as a checkbox) and are easy to remember, but what is easily forgotten are the more specific advantages on ST vs poison, fear or similar. If you put them together with other abilities they can be overlooked, so I moved them under their own Saving Throw section.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
I thought you meant death saves. Lol! They are with the proficiencies.
Ah! Okay that makes sense. So it really is a set of info that could fit on a card. I like that. I actually have been thinking about making such cards on a folded a-frame for my group's PCs and major NPCs, and maybe figure out a quick and easy template for enemies, where I can have pictures of each critter where players can see, and their stats where I can see.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
One of the big questions I have for folks on my character sheet is, is it easy to read? I know that one person had trouble interpreting the Trauma chart, and there are ways I can make that easier, for sure.

One thing I judge RPGs on before I play them is if the character sheet looks readable and easy to use, or if i look at it and immediately feel my stress level rise. The PF2 character sheet was a big 😬 for me, but I find the The One Ring sheet perfectly chill and easy to use.

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