D&D 2E Wizards of the Coast releases pay-for-download PDFs of the Priest's Screen, Wizard's Screen, and Wizard's Player Pack


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Wizards of the Coast has just released pay-for-download PDFs of Priest's Screen ($4.95), Wizard's Screen ($4.95), and Wizard's Player Pack ($4.95), all for AD&D 2nd Edition, over on DriveThruRPG.

These follow the recent releases of the Priest's Player Pack, Thief's Player Pack, and Thief's Screen. Presumably the Fighter's Screen and Fighter's Player Pack will be released in short order.

The various class screens were player-versions of the classic GM screen, but were advertised for their usefulness as reference products (having listings with various tables of relevant class information) more than for keeping PC dice rolls secret. Similarly, the player packs were plastic cases that came with everything you'd need to sit down and play a character of that class group, including blank character sheets, dice, a pencil, and a small primer on the class. Naturally, most of that hasn't made the transition to PDF format.

These are the most recent PDF releases from WotC, following the aforementioned Priest's Player Pack, Thief's Player Pack, and Thief's Screen.

Other recent PDF releases from WotC have been Luck of the Draw (a supplement for Three-Dragon Ante/D&D 3.5), Gamma World 2e, The Complete Starter Set: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Game 2E, Blood Spawn (Birthright), the Savage Coast Campaign Setting (Mystara 2E), and Savage Coast: Orc's Head (Mystara 2E). Other PDF releases have included the Shattered Keeps map pack, the Worlds of Adventure fast-play game for AD&D 2E, the Hexagonal Mapping Booklet, Quadrille Graph Paper, Outdoor Geomorphs Set 1 - Walled City, Player's Secrets of Muden (Birthright), The Planescape Conspectus, Midnight on Dagger Alley (AD&D 1E), the AD&D 2E starter set Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game, and the 3.5 Deluxe Character Sheets.

Free releases have included Wrath of the Immortals (BECMI), The Book of Regency (Birthright), Three Dragon Ante, Rob Kuntz's To the City of Brass, and the World of Krynn Trail Map and The Eastern Countries Trail Map (Mystara).

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