Wyrms Footnotes Recreated By Chaosium

Wyrms Footnotes
magazine began in the early days of Chaosium, and focused on board and roleplaying games for Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha. Published from 1976 to 1982 the 14 issues span most of the early history of the company, from the dawn of tabletop gaming. Want to relive the original experience? — look no further!

Chaosium has lovingly recreated the classic Chaosium in-house magazine and brought it into the digital age!

Note: these are not simple scans, but OCRed reproductions created by our layout team to match the original.

Available in a single bundle of all 14 individual PDFs, or separately: RuneQuest - Wyrms Footnotes - Chaosium Inc.
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Philip Benz

A Dragontooth Grognard
A while back I was looking online for these, for the errata and expansions to the old, old boardgames White Bear, Red Moon and Plains of Prax. So glad I need look no further!

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