D&D 5E Xanathar's Guide to Everything: Common Magic Items

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I'm running UK3 from 1983 and there's a magic item in it that prevents/cures insomnia. Seems like the kind of thing that would be a common magic item.

And with magic items being so unnecessary in 5e common magic items are quite important and useful.

So basically these common magic items can be what some of those mysterious trinkets that seem magical could turn out to be. I can see these being mined for all sorts of ideas.


You are a fool if you think players won't find a way to make these useful! :) I think they are going to be great additions.

I think they were aiming for "this gives a neat minor effect" vs "this makes your stats better in some way or allows you to circumvent the rules"


Well, given the context of the book itself, at least some of then are more useful to players than seventeen pages of character names.
I mean, based on the narrative, it's not that they "didn't have time" for real magic items, so much as putting them in was a last minute idea. I would have been fine with 27 pages of name tables (hmm, sweet, sweet name tables in a printed book), but this does seem like something folks will have fun with.


There are lots of little things these are going to be useful for:
* Filling out low-level loot piles in high-magic campaigns
* Tournament prizes
* Pick-pocketing nobles

Parties will find uses for even "useless" items. The creativity will help foster more interesting games.


Dusty Dragon
I am glad to see this. Wasn't it a bit strange that common magical items were... uncommon? I mean there were what, 3 in the game? I too was bothered by it.

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