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Well Gencon is out of the way, and things are moving again, so here is a little of the upcoming list to look forward to:-


Scum. It used to hide in the worst places, in the cesspools of civilization, and since the Rising, it’s goddamn everywhere. Not your normal type of Pre-Rising scum either, that tried to keep its actions below the public radar, but the unrepentant, cruel, petty, greedy, and selfish, bragging over their crimes and pretending they are better than everyone else because they can victimize the weak.

Slavers are the worst. Preying on small convoys, wanderers and lightly defended communities, they grab what they want and often kill the rest. Sexual abuse, physical abuse, torment, cruelty, all of these are the hallmarks of a flesh peddler, of someone who uses the suffering of his fellow human beings to advance his own power and wealth. To slavers, rape is merely “trying out the goods” or “breaking them in,” while torture for sport is a way to liven up an evening, and cruel games designed to denigrate and humiliate their prisoners are betting games.

Slavers will present the scum of the Post Apoc and YotZ universe. Suitable for any Post Apoc game, this source book examines the reason, tactics, equipment of slavers. Bringing several example groups and NPC's. This is a brutal book, for a brutal world.

Expect this week ending 11/11/05.


Ever wondered what would have happened if Dawn of the Dead had taken place on board a space station, or what a zombie might be like cybered to the eyeballs and buzzing with nanites.

Dead Future will answer all those questions and more, examining zombies in hostile environments, genetically modified zombies, cybernetics, mutations, high tek vs zombies and future societies in the rising.

ETA. 12/01/05

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