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Going through blogs about TTRPGs is something I really enjoy and I'll frequently find an article from one I don't know about and add it to my feed. So I thought, why not see what other people have to recommend.

I'm personally really interested in blogs that talk about TTRPGs as a whole, game theory and some non-superficial DM advice. But blogs that are D&D focused or a bit out of the ordinary (ex: an especially relevant history blog) are all good too.

Here are some of my recommendations:
  • Map and Key. Found this one barely two days ago with an interesting article about using index cards for prep. Will keep an eye on it.
  • The Alexandrian. He's probably already known by most folks around here, and I don't agree with everything he writes. But his post are always of interest to me, especially his series where he preps or rehashes known adventures, and his classic article about Jacquaying dungeons.
  • Refereeing and Reflection. Another recent addition to my feed, I've read quite a few product reviews, or articles about some RPG products that I didn't know about! Helped me discover some things.

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