ZEITGEIST [ZEITGEIST] Ideas for Leone Mk.3?


Meligos, I sure hope you are not reading this, right?

We're likely to conclude adventure 7 next week, and, oh boy, I'm getting pretty far away from the written plot. To keep it brief:
  • it's very likely that several players will drop after this due to various IRL reasons, so this serves as impromtu finale instead of adv5/9/13; the plot is likely to be carried forward by another cast.
  • political life of Lanjyr is in absolute chaos, war seems imminent. Han is currently meeting Aodan at the Cherage Peace Summit and is considering taking him into Ob, Lya Jierre (very much alive) is at Ob gathering in his place.
  • Ottavia Sacredote is a PC. No, sorry, the PC, who single-handedly stopped the "blue banket" from happening with some "how can you hope to convince the world if you can't convince these people"-sermon.
  • party is in cahoots with Pemberton (and mostly in dublicant bodies; you don't want to know what is our psion/Xambria/Ekossigan of Autumn/Oscan Ligurio is doing to mask himself), who is ruminating over consolidating Colossus proponents around himself and overthrowing Nicodemus.
  • there are seven party members among gathered Ob officers. They created a faction of their own.
  • Alexander Grappa... has his consciousness in literal pieces and is functionally absent from all this madness, mercyfully.
  • Finally, Leone Quital died in flames during the Assault on Cauldron Hill half a year ago. And was then partly fed to one of PCs by Copperhat. And brought back to life by Voice of Rot as lich. And also semi-resurrected as oblivion moss imitation (and then killed again). Bottom line, he had a very rich post-death existance and fully earned a title of recurring villain.
Right now, Nicodemus is planning to use the body of Quital, which he acquired, as a vessel for himself, then using toned-down version of Ritual of Apotheosis (powered only by beliefs of gathered Ob officers) together with unique powers of Leone's body to locate Born's position in the world. Unbeknownst to him, Leone's soul is still present in the world and will be drawn to his body by the ritual, pushing out Nicodemus in process.

So now you have trice undead Magneto with demigod powers, who is pretty pissed off at everyone currently present (for his present condition), and I need ideas for his abilities in this form. For reference, the party confronted him two times as a living human as he is written in the adventure, then once more as oblivion moss imitation, I based the stats for him on Earthquake Dragon AFAIR (constant destruction of terrain around him, immobilization and slow crushing of enemies). An easy way out is to teleport everyone to Born, cause in this final form Leone is definitely able to manually control the steel behemoth. Party may need some dragons as mounts though to be effective...

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I'm boarding a plane back from vacation. You're crazy. Good for you!

Google Magneto and see all the weird powers he's had over time. Radio waves, force fields, . . . killer cutlery.

What's the party composition? How to challenge them all?


On the good side, we rescheduled the game, so I have more time to prepare. On the bad side, that was caused by my wife breaking her leg...

Regarding the party, frontline: fighter eladrin with war shovel, two avengers (stealth-focused weretiger human and Hand of Goddess with Big Sword).
Backline: eladrin artificer with 40-something Perception, above-mentioned mad psion, cleric still a bit in the process of generating her image (Ottavia) and stereotypical ranger (who's likely to be absent next time and will probably fade away from the campaign). I have a former player coDMing with me, so I'm thinking if I should run two encounters (3+3) in parallel to save on time and complexity.

So far the best encounters in the campaign as a whole were the ones with win condition which could not be summarized by "kill them all" (Neward protection, cluster:):):):) in the HQ), but lately there was a noticeable lack of fighting as a whole (loooots and lots of diplomacy and talking instead), so this may not hold true. Mechanically, they only have a single source of healing (artificer), single AoE damage dealer and rather weak Fort defences.

Googled Magneto. "He can shut off gravity within a limited radius of himself by reversing the polarity of the earth's own magnetic field". Can I just give him "power of :):):):):):):):)" and call it a day, I wonder?..

Not suitable for children:


If you end with Leone controlling Borne, are you familiar with War of the Burning Sky adventure 9, The Festival of Dreams? http://drivethrurpg.com/product/881...tival-of-Dreams?filters=0_2140_1120_0_0_45311

There's a colossus in there. Fighting it entails hitting various vulnerable parts to take out defenses of the head and heart, which you can strike to kill it. Staging a fight so the main villain can't be defeated until you deal with certain other challenges can be satisfying.


Huh. I've bought and butchered WotBS for some ZG world lore, but never thought of Coaltongue Statue as Born 1.0, thanks

EDIT: coDM wants Leone to dual-wield RSS Coaltongue and Born. I can't say I disagree.
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