Hi all!

My party is nearing our 2 year anniversary and is about to start adventure seven - SCHISM - and they've been having a BLAST. Wanted to do a shout out to all the threads on this forum that have helped me flesh out a lot as well as the writers of this AP - ESPECIALLY for taking the initiative to do a 5e conversion. It's kept us happy during this lockdown. Happy to answer any questions so far for any new DMs to this fantastic AP. Keep up the stellar work!

Anyways, wanted to share one thing - here's a picture of my group, "The Five Feathers" (named after the Messenger Wind). From left to right:

Isabelle Tinker - Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer and Applied Astronomist
Pimzin Brandybook - Halfling Rogue/Fighter and Polyhistor
Xioma "Xia" Rasto - Human Order Cleric/Horizon Walker Ranger and Eschatologist (no prestige class taken)
Cora Anne - Human Fiend Warlock and Urban Empath
Bartelby Bukz - Goblin Artificer/Steamsuit Pilot. That's his clockwork roach (artificer turret) and his familiar we flavored as a clockwork crow that he has named "Russell Crowe"

View attachment The Five Feathers.jpg

This artwork was done by Júlio Azevedo - you can see more of his art here, including another group picture I commissioned for my Starfinder campaign: Júlio Azevedo

As a fun note, because I like to enmesh the PCs with the world, I've linked up several of these PCs to major NPCs.

Isabelle just found her presumed dead mother, who turned out to be a steampunk cyborg dragon (I -love- Terakalir - the whole concept is SO cool I didn't want to let her go to waste). Right now Isabelle has been playing her cards close to her vest and hasnt revealed any of her prophecies - she will likely find out the hard way what happens when you don't share knowledge with your team when things start unraveling.

Pimzin's long-standing rival is Rush Manchausen who, along with Lya and Merton, survived the events in the volcano lair - the entire party has taken to calling Rush and Merton "Needledick and Tweedledouche" because of how much they hate them both. This will make this coming adventure VERY interesting since they teleported away with Tinker and Terakalir instead of fighting them - though Merton came VERY close to shoving Tinker into the lava.

Xia found her missing wife, who was one of the kidnapped factory workers, in ur-Flint in the Bleak Gate. She also knows where her father is but she has chosen not to follow that thread just yet.

Cora Anne's patron is Ashima-Shimtu which has been a DELIGHT to play with. She also has Xambria stuck in her head and is desperate to get her out because Xambria HATES this evil warlock and is trying to take over her body. I'm usually against evil PCs in my campaign but I trusted this player and they pitched her to me as, "sure, she's evil but she's the party's evil. She's Raistlin in a corset." and I -had- to see where this went.

Bartelby Bukz's mentor was Tinker Oddcog. Nicodemus also attempted to recruit him at the end of ALWAYS ON TIME into the Obscurati - because I figured, why WOULDN'T Nic try and gain the knowledge of this hyper-intelligent goblin? Bartelby responded by blowing him to pieces. Nic figured that might happen, but it was worth the risk to gain an alliance with someone that clever - after all he can just jump into another body.

There are a few other surprises in store with their backgrounds - and I am curious to see where they go with them. Because this group is NOT subtle by any means. And given where they go in SCHISM I am curious how they are going to manage it all.

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It's the Pierce Brosnan approach to Bond: sneak around for a few minutes, admit who you are and see how the villains react, then naughty word a way to start shooting as you run away.

Worst case scenario, they get thrown in a cell with Vitus Sigismund and have a chat until a sympathetic Ob rescues them during the purge.

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