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ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist planes in chapter 7?


I'm having a hard time matching up the planes of the convocation proposals in chapter 7 with the ones in the gyre later.

Update: missing Watchmaker planes are explained in chapter 13.
Update: mostly-complete planar lineups (including some Guesses):

Miller's PyreIllocusPerlocusAv???Ratios[empathy]Reida

Arboretum: Amrou and Ostea seem slightly lawful. MacBannin loves defenses against the supernatural, and the demo demiplane has healing water.

Colossus: Romana would keep Av. Teykfa reinforces the Cyclicality plane. Bonilathe, Bhoior, Hunlow, and Elofasp contain (or are) powerful beings capable of secret truenames.

Panarchist: Han says it's "by far the most radical change", which means all 8 planes.

Bards: Iratha Ket

Economists: no idea

Long Now: Teykfa

Mortal Mind: Ratios

Sky League: Baden

Trekkers: lots of options
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Andrew Moreton

The planes in the Gyre are not the only ones available to the Ob, the Ob have years of astrology/astronomy to have studied the stars and identified suitable planes and pick them. Then when their ritual goes wrong the world is cut off from most of the cosmos and the pc's only have access to the small number of other worlds which are descending into the Gyre.
So any plane the Ob are using which do not match the Gyre are in fact planes which are not in the Gyre


The planes in the Gyre are not the only ones available to the Ob, the Ob have years of astrology/astronomy to have studied the stars and identified suitable planes and pick them.
It seems like some of this research should have survived beyond chapter 7, perhaps even a pre-made icon or two.

Andrew Moreton

The Ob certainly made Icons for all the planes they used in their previous ritual, and those are available as they are changed out during the final ritual, they also have icons for the planes they are adding in that final ritual. If they made icons for any of the other planes they are not at the ritual on Axis island it could be that the Ob have them saved somewhere else or they could have been destroyed. In any case as written there is no way for the players to come across them.
If for some reason you need to mulitply the number of options available to the players or they are seeking an icon from one of the abandoned projects you could give them a chance to get them, but it is hard to see when in Book 13 they have a very tight timeline and no time to start speculative searches and if you let them recover them earlier when pembleton has control of axis island maybe than it changes the dynamic of book 12 and 13.

Alternativly you could add some extra worlds to the Gyre probably in place of empty/dead worlds or worlds you don't like
I have my outline note ideas for some
1) Talingarde--- THE FROG!! (In joke for my group)
2)Furiosa-- Mad Max world
3)Cadia-- The WH40 World
4) Bathory-- World of moderatly benign vampires wrecked by crusading apocolypse
5) Gloriana-- British empire overun by barbarians
6)Thulse-- Viking ragnorak

But this is a long way ahead for me


They might try to dig up Ob research while traveling the continent in chapter 11 or even chapter 8. I'll have a few crumbs prepared just in case.

Andrew Moreton

These icons will be in the Ob's main secret fortresses so Axis Island and the Bleak gate places they seem to like as their command centers. Axis Island should be too tough a nut to crack before episode 11 and I would assume that the Ob managed to hide most of their material before Pemberon took the island or moved it to another research center before the attack, after all they believe Risuri agents have infiltrated the island and sabotaged their ritual

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