I have a confession - I am a rat bastard DM!

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    I have a confession - I am a rat bastard DM!

    Saturday my players will probably kill me. Before I die I want everyone here to know why they did it

    Anyway, At the beginning of the campaign two of the players created characters that, like themselves, where boyfriend (character - Demitri) and girlfriend (character - Samara). Session three comes up and the guy gets killed, so he has to roll up a new character. Two sessions later the party aids Lord Trield in taking Maldanca back, and he grants them one request - Samara wants Demitri ressurected. Well, Triel gets a priest and the priest has a talk with her and asks he if this is what she really wants and some other warnings about the dangers of ressurecting the dead. Paying no heed she says do it and it gets done.

    Now I do insist to the guy to choose between Demetri and his new character (half-orc monk named Krok). He chooses the orc.

    Herein comes the problem 4 sessions and 2 months (actually, 3 of our months come to think of it - Dusk months are 45 days long) of game time (about 1 month in real time) have passed and the party has decided to go back to get Demitri.

    Now, they left Demitri in Triel's charge. Triel has made him an apprentice and advanced his study quite a bit. Unfortunately Triel isn't a good person. The party has now learned this and that makes the quest to get Demitri back a bit more urgent.

    Triel has confronted them, told them where they can find them. They're now in a tomb that Demitri was sent to investigate for Triel. Last session stopped with them at about the halfway point.

    Now here's the setup - next session when the party reaches Demitri they will find him in the middle of conversation with Triel. The important lines of this conversation are:

    "Now my apprentice the time has come for you to prove your loyalty to me. Your former companions are approaching. Kill them. Kill them all."

    What happens next is very much up in the air - but it will involve a fight, and a bloody one. Demetri is very much in Triel's thrall - addicted to the secrets he's been shown so far of magic, feeling betrayed and abandoned by his companions who left without him. The attachment isn't magical, but the players will have to really play to the hilt to get him back - more likely than not though they will have to kill him, or get killed.



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    My Anna!

    Die, you Spoony Bard!!

    Sounds great man, let us know how it goes.

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    MAN my girlfriand would be pissed if i picked the orc.

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    I love it.

    Does that make me sick too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon-Lancer
    MAN my girlfriand would be pissed if i picked the orc.
    ROFL! Nicely put ... what a suspense killer! But true. Oh, so ... true.
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    Sounds like a great game to me-be sure to post what happens.
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    This is the BF's fault. When he picked the Orc he should have stipulated that the Res didn't work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon-Lancer
    MAN my girlfriand would be pissed if i picked the orc.
    The role-playing doesn't stop at the end of the session, IYKWIMAIKYD.
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    I like it! Come Saturday let us know what happens.

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    nice! I want to know what happens too
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