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    Tarag moves past the little fire elementals and kneels beside Rapture. Calling on Chennet's grace, he reaches out to heal her.

    Content that she's out of immediate danger, he then turns his attention to Galwynn. But before he prays for the other fallen paladin he says to Keldar, "Keldar, are you sure that that sloshy's safe?"

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    OOC: Rewriting to take account of Keldar's actions ...

    Although concerned about the water elemental, Tarag nods as Keldar moves to tend Galwynn, and smiles as the paladin recovers thanks to Keldar's potion of healing. He then prays again for Rapture, whose eyelids flutter and open as she draws a deep breath. The dwarf helps her sit up, and looks up to survey the situation.

    "Uh, Keldar - what happens when all the fire elementals are gone? What will your watery friend do then?"

    Spells & Turnings
    Spells per day: 4 / 3+1

    Create Water
    Detect Magic
    Guidance (converted to Cure Minor Wounds)
    Light (converted to Cure Minor Wounds)

    Level 1:
    Bless (converted to Cure Light Wounds)
    Burning hands (Fire domain)
    Divine Favor (converted to Cure Light Wounds)
    Shield of Faith (converted to Cure Light Wounds)

    Turn/rebuke attempts per day: 4

    Rebukes attempted today: 4
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    Seeing that the water elemental has things well in hand, Keldar pauses to take stock, and sees bleeding bodies across the room.

    OOC: at the head of round 4, Keldar uses two move actions to retrieve the CLW potion and move to Galwynn's side. Tarag stabilises Rapture. Other conscious people do things. At the head of round 5, Keldar pours the CLW down Galwynn's throat (heals 8), and Tarag moves into Rapture's square, and reaches over to finish Galwynn's healing, but finds him conscious already. Galwynn still has his lay on hands quota. And then with everyone stable, combat time, thankfully, can end?

    "Help her," says Keldar. "Please." He leaves Galwynn's and heads for Rapture's side. "Oh," he says, distracted. "Sloshy is a friend. Well done, Sloshy. Enjoy yourself."

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    "Hello. We won. Sit still till you feel better," says Keldar to Rapture. "You too, Galwynn."

    "Sloshy seems sensible," he says in response to Tarag. "It was trapped in the circle and begged me to let it out. It just wants to be free to go home. It swore by Galatea only to fight the fires."

    "Do you need any help?" he calls in Aquan. "I'll just... sit down here for a bit. Tommy, you should stand inside an elemental while you have the chance."

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    ooc: Are we sure that we're out of combat? I think we should be, but given the recent confusion I feel like we should have that confirmed before getting too excited about post-combat actions. Still, I suppose we can talk even if it turns out we are still in combat...

    Tommy peers at the watery figure, a little frightened but clearly tempted by the opportunity. "Are you sure it won't mind? I wouldn't want to put my hand somewhere, um, unwanted or anything..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rae ArdGaoth
    Rocks fall. Everybody dies.
    OOC: But I'm too pretty to die!

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    Rapture's eyes flutter open, and she immediately reaches to check her wounds. Feeling that they're mostly gone, she uses Valessa's blessing to heal some of the remaining wounds just as Keldar shows up.

    "It's over then?" Rapture says.

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    Double post.
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    "For now," says Keldar. "We've all been hurt, except Tommy, but I made a friend." He watches as Rapture's injuries lessen with her touch. "I... I didn't know you could do that."

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    "Valessa continues to bless me." Rapture says with a smile.

    She finally stands and looks around.

    "Did you actually get that bucket to come to life?"

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