The 3.X Monk Database (now with added detail)
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    The 3.X Monk Database (now with added detail)

    I'm just starting this thread to assemble a bunch of info on sources handy for building Monk characters that some may not be aware of.


    OA Multiclassing options, Weapons, Feats, PrCls

    EB Feats

    Secrets of Sarlona Feats

    Races of Eberron PrCl

    XPH Feats, PrCls

    UA Variant Monks

    BoED Exalted Feats

    BoVD Vile Feats

    DCv1 Battledancer, Monk Feats, Weapons, PrCls

    Complete Exotic Arms Guide (AEG) Weapons

    Hyperconcious Feats, PrCls

    PHB2 Alt Class Features, Feats

    CompMage Alt Class Features

    CompWar Feats, PrCls

    CompAdv Feats

    CompScoundrel Feats

    CompChamp Alt Class features, Feats

    Bo9S Feats, PrCls

    Sandstorm Feats

    FR Feats, PrCls

    Player's Guide to Faerun Feats, PrCls

    Unorthodox Monks The Le Games pdf- Base classes, Feats, etc.

    The Mind Unveiled: Enlightened Monk Dreamscarred Press pdf- Base classes, Feats, etc.


    Monk (OA p18). Note: adds new Monk weapons & free multiclassing

    Monk (FR p25, Champions of Valor p36) Broken Ones- multiclassing w/Clerics, Divine Champions, Arcane Devotees, Divine Disciples, Hierophants, and Divine Seekers of Ilmater

    Monk (FR p25) Dark Moon- multiclassing w/Sorc, Monk & Sorc must be within 2 lvls of each other

    Monk (FR p25, FR:Shining South p32) Hin Fist- multiclassing w/Ftr, Rog, Pal. Note: in FR, it is implied that this is a base !class, while in FR:SS it is described as a variant of the Sacred Fist PrCl (see PrCls below).

    Monk (FR p25, PGtF p65) Long Death- multiclassing w/Ftr, Assn, Blackguard

    Monk (FR p25) Old Order- multiclassing w/Roc, Sorc, Shadowdancer (Monk lvls> all other lvls)

    Monk (FR p25) Shining Hand- multiclassing w/Wiz ( Monk Lvls ? Wiz lvls)

    Monk (FR p25, Champions of Valor p34 CoS: Waterdeep p41) Sun Soul - multiclassing w/one other class as long as Monk lvls highest

    Monk (FR p25) Yellow Rose- multiclassing w/Rgr & Shadowdancers

    Monk (UA p52) Fighting Styles: Cobra Strike, Denying Stance, Hand and Foot, Invisible Eye, Overwhelming Attack, Passive Way, Sleeping Tiger, Undying Way

    Monk (Eb p38) multiclassing & feat options

    Dolgaunt Monk (Eb p282) race specific monk rules

    Swordsage Monk (Bo9S p20)

    Battledancer (Dragon #159, 3.5 updated in DCv1)

    Wild Monk (Dragon #324)

    Sidewinder Monk (Dragon #331)

    Chaos Monk (Dragon #355)

    Monk Variants: UA, Dragon #334, #346, #358

    Shaman (OA p22 & Dragon #318 3.5 OA update p32)

    Sohei (OA p27 & Dragon #318 3.5 OA update p32)

    Ninja (CompAdv p5)

    Soulknife (XPH p26)

    Ninja (Rokugan p39)

    Inkyo- Enlightened Monk (Rokugan p41)

    Oathsworn (AU p45, AE p65)

    Harrier (Iron Heroes p51)

    Monk (Iron Kingdoms p 82)- Order of Keeping, Order of the Fist/Fist of Menoth

    Survivor (TW p75)

    Algai'd'siswai (Wheel of Time p47)

    Monk (Everquest p78)

    Defender (Midnight 2Ed p81)

    Fighter [either Improviser or Survivor] (Midnight 2Ed p85)

    Combatant (Etherscope p33)

    Pursuer (Etherscope p28)

    Scoundrel (Etherscope p44)

    Strong Hero (Grim Tales p8)

    Fast Hero (Grim Tales p10)

    Dedicated Hero (Grim Tales p16)

    Chaos Monk (Unorthodox Monks, The Le Games pdf)

    Lasserator (Unorthodox Monks, The Le Games pdf)

    Shadow Warrior (Unorthodox Monks, The Le Games pdf)

    Snake Master (Unorthodox Monks, The Le Games pdf)

    Spiritual Defender (Unorthodox Monks, The Le Games pdf)

    Enlightened Monk (The Mind Unveiled: Enlightened Monk, from Dreamscarred Press pdf) It also has some feats to go with.


    Boldfaced ones can freely multiclass w/Monk, Italicized ones cannot multiclass freely.

    PrCls marked with * are open to all PCs meeting BAB & Feat requirements, regardless of class.

    PrCls marked with ¥ have Purity of Body as a prerequisite. (Note: the Paladin's Divine Health is mechanically identical to this Monk ability).

    PrCls marked with have Flurry of Blows as a prerequisite (AFAIK, only available from Monk, Sohei, Shou Disciple or Battledancer).

    PrCls marked with ø have Still Mind as a prerequisite (AFAIK, only from Monk).

    Sacred Fist* (Comp Div p59). Note, see also Hin Fist (FR p25, FR:SS p32)

    Tattooed Monk (OA p49 & Dragon #318 3.5 OA update p32)*

    Tattooed Monk (CompWar p82)*

    Kensai* (CompWar p49)

    Fist of the Forest* (CompChamp p80)

    Cloud Anchorite* (Frostburn p52)

    Shadow Sun Ninja* (Bo9S p126)

    Enlightened Fist* (CompArc p34)

    Monk of the Long Death* (PGtF p65)

    Disciple of the Word* (ToM p216)

    Cipher Adept* (Planar Handbook p58)

    Astral Dancer* (Planar Handbook p63)

    Dragon Descendant ø (Dragon Magic p34)

    Shen (Dragon #319 p68)*

    Arcanopath Monk (Dragon #281, DCv1 p80)*

    Monk of the Enabled Hand (Dragon #299, DCv1 p68)*

    Atavist - Monk/Soulknife PrCl* (RoE p133)

    Shou Disciple (FR: UE p33)*

    Fist of Dal Quor (SoS p119)

    Didoji Bodyguard (OA p216)

    Shiba Protector (OA p223)

    Mantis Mercenary (OA p231)

    Shadowlands Veteran (Rokugan p78)

    The Storm Legion (Rokugan p81)

    Initiate of the Draconic Mysteries* (Draconomicon p132)

    Initiate of Pistis Sophia (BoEd p64)

    Justicar of Taiia (Deities & Demigods p206)

    Kolat Assassin (Way of the Ninja p49)

    Goju Stalker (Way of the Ninja p54)

    Hiruma Stalker (Way of the Ninja p72)

    Kitsuki Investigator (Way of the Ninja p82)

    Mage Hunter (Iron Kingdoms p122)

    Man of Will (Swashbuckling Adventures p54)

    Finnegan Boxer (Swashbuckling Adventures p67)

    The Chosen One (Swashbuckling Adventures p76)

    Dobrynya Wrestler (Swashbuckling Adventures p100)

    Initiate of Shattered Steel (Mercenaries p208)

    Skirmisher (Mercenaries p216)

    Unseen Hand (Mercenaries p223)

    Hone (Oathbound p51)

    Engolo (Nyambe p61)

    Wild Brawler (Northern Crown p118)

    Mech Devil (Dragonmech p31)

    Riftwalker (Dragonmech p33)

    Scope Warrior (Etherscope p220)

    Spy (Etherscope p221)

    Henshin Mystic ¥ (OA p39 & Dragon #318 3.5 OA update p32)

    Drunken Master † (CompWar p27)

    Haztaratain † (SoS p122)

    Fist of Zuoken ø (XPH p144)

    Zerth Cenobite ø (CompPsi p43)

    Shintao Monk ø (OA p46 & Dragon #318 3.5 OA update p32)

    Lucid Cenobite (Hyperconcious p140) ø

    Reaping Mauler* (CompWar p75)

    Frostrager* (Frostburn p60)

    Master of Nine* (Bo9S p119)

    Incarnum Blade* (MoI p)

    Spinemeld Warrior* (MoI p)

    Kineticist* (XPH p151, Frostburn p54, The Mind's Eye: Variant Pyrokineticist Prestige Class (v.3.5))

    Elemental Warrior* (PlHbk p65)

    Spellfire Channeler* (MoF p)

    Illithid Slayer (XPH p146)*

    Voce Warrior (Hyperconcious p153)*

    Survivor (SavSpec p89)*

    Grey Guard (CompSco p40)*

    Planar Champion (MoP p28)*

    Sanctified Mind (LoM p198)*

    Topaz Guardian (LoM p203)*

    Black Blood Cultist (CoR p44)*

    Branch Dancer (Dragon #310 p70)*

    Spellslayer (Mercenaries p219)*

    Sacred Bander (TW p109)*

    Stalker (Oathbound p57)*

    Psychic Acrobat


    PHB2: Decisive Strike p50

    CompChamp: Holy Strike, Prayerful Meditation p48

    CompMage: Soulwarp Strike, Spell Reflection p34

    City of Stormreach: Harmonious Form (Warforged only), Shifting Steel (Warforged only) p119

    Dragon Magic: Draconic Fist p12

    Champions of Valor:

    Broken One- Lvls 3, 6, 7 p36
    Phoenix Disciple- Lvls 1, 3, 12 p46

    Planar Handbook:

    "Planeswalker" Monk- Lvls 5, 13, 16 p32

    Races of Eberron:
    Kalashtar Monk- Lvls 1, 2, 7 p124

    Midnight 2Ed:
    Heroic Paths p53-73, esp. Beast, Chanceborn, Earthbonded, Faithful, Fellhunter, Giantblooded, Guardian, Healer, Ironborn, Northblooded, Painless, Quickened, Seer, Speaker, Shadow Walker, Sunderborn, Tactician.

    Social Templates p27-30, esp. Adventurer, Constabulatory, Criminal, Disenfranchised


    #309 D.I.Y. Martial Arts

    #310 UA-style Monk Fighting Styles variants (Cobra Strike, Denying Stance, Hand and Foot, Invisible Eye, Overwhelming Attack, Passive Way, Sleeping Tiger, Undying Way), Holy Monk, Hunting Monk, Martial Monk, Raging Monk, Steadfast Monk, Vigilant Monk

    #318 OA 3.5 Update by original OA designer James Wyatt

    #319 Shen PrCl

    #324 Wild Monk, Sage Advice

    #325 Monk Magic Items

    #330 UA-style Monk Fighting Styles variants (Historical: Ghurka, Arnis/Kali/Escrima, Krabi-Krabong)

    #331 Sidewinder Monk (variant)

    #332 Monk Lore (KS: Religion IDs Fighting Styles)

    #334 UA-style Monk Fighting Styles variants

    #335 Chaos Monk

    #336 Pressure Point Attacks

    #337 UA-style Monk Fighting Styles variants (Metered)

    #339 Sage Advice (Warforged)

    #340 Opportunist Feats

    #341 Soulknife Feats, Sage Advice (FoB)

    #342 Ki Feats

    #343 General Melee Feats

    #344 Ambush Feats

    #346 UA-style Monk Fighting Styles variants

    #351 Historical Ninjas (Feats), Clockwork Disciple (Feats, Item, ACF)

    #354 Elemental Ninja

    #355 Shackled Beast (General & Shifter Feats, Item, Material)

    #357 Monk Guide

    #358 UA-style Monk Fighting Styles variants


    Notes- Feats are grouped with their main- not neccessarily sole- prerequisite Feat, which is italicized. Within a group, feats marked in red all have a prerequisite of the last uncolored feat above them. Some Feats have similar effects:

    Imp. Grapple
    Choke Hold
    Earth’s Embrace
    Scorpion’s Grasp (Sandstorm p52)
    Acheron Flurry (PlHbk p37)
    Clever Wrestling
    Cunning Sidestep
    Versatile Unarmed Strike (SoS)
    Snap Kick (Bo9S p32)
    Superior Unarmed Strike (Bo9S p33)
    Defensive Throw
    Fists of Iron
    Eagle Claw Attack
    Grappling Block
    Deflect Arrows
    Spinning Defense (DCv1 p108)
    Hammer Fist (DCv1 p100)
    Martial Throw (MHB p27)
    Ascetic Hunter (CompAdv)
    Ascetic Knight (CompAdv)
    Ascetic Mage (CompAdv)
    Ascetic Rogue (CompAdv)
    Ascetic Stalker (CompAdv)
    Ascetic Psion (SoS p115)
    Ascetic Mind (
    Ascetic Warrior (
    War Monk (
    Tashalatora (SoS p119)
    Monastic Training (Eberron p57)
    Close-Quarters Fighting
    Snatch Arrows (
    Stunning Fist
    Extra Stunning
    Freezing the Lifeblood
    Unbalancing Strike
    Rapid Stunning
    Weakening Touch
    Fiery Fist (PHB2 p79)
    Fiery Ki Defense (PHB2 p79)
    Hazing Strike (SoS p117)
    Stunning Master (SoS p119)
    Falling Sun Attack (Bo9S p33)
    Pharaoh’s Fist (Sandstorm p51)
    Serpent Fang (Sandstorm p53)
    Ring the Golden Bell (DCv1)

    Power Attack:
    Imp. Sunder
    Leap Attack
    Flying Kick
    Roundabout Kick

    Combat Expertise
    Imp. Combat Expertise
    Imp. Trip
    Imp. Disarm
    Riposte (DCv1 p105)
    Defensive Strike
    Evasive Reflexes (Bo9S p30)
    Sense Weakness (Draconomicon p106)

    Imp. Critical
    Staggering Blow

    Combat Reflexes
    Hold the Line (CompWar p100, FR:SS p20)
    Deft Opportunist (CompAdv p106)
    Expert Tactician (CompAdv p109)
    Double Hit (MHB p25)



    White Scorpion Strike (RoE p112)

    Spring Attack
    Defensive Strike
    Defensive Throw

    Rapid Assault (Bo9s p32)

    Kung Fu Genius

    Broken One’s Sacrifice (Champions of Valor p28)

    Carmendine Monk (Champions of Valor p28)

    Silver Fang (Champions of Valor p33)

    Sun Soul Monk (Champions of Valor p34, FR Camp. p25, City of Splendors: Waterdeep p41)

    Sun School

    Axiomatic Strike

    Weap Prof

    Weap Spec
    Greater Weap Spec

    Weap Focus
    Greater Weap Focus
    Double Steel Strike (Eberron p60)
    Whirling Steel Strike (Eberron p60)
    Serpent Strike (Eberron p60)
    Pole Master (SoS p118)
    Pole Fighter (DCv1)
    Unorthodox Flurry (DCv1)

    Flying Tiger (SoS)

    Wind and Fire (SoS)

    Monk's Spade Mind Blade

    Psionic Fist
    Greater Psi Fist
    Unavoidable Strike

    Psionic Weapon (note: does double duty for Monks)
    Greater Psi Weapon
    Deep Impact

    Armor of Scales (Dragon Magic p15)

    Heart of Dragons (Dragon Magic p19)

    Draconic Aura (Dragon Magic p16)

    Double Draconic Aura (Dragon Magic p16)

    Dragontouched (Dragon Magic p18)
    Dragonfire Assault (Dragon Magic p16; note- if PC is also a Sorcerer, may take Draconic Heritage as prereq instead)
    Dragonfire Strike (Dragon Magic p18; note- if PC is also a Sorcerer, may take Draconic Heritage as prereq instead)
    Draconic Resistance (CompArc p?; note- if PC is also a Sorcerer, may take Draconic Heritage as prereq instead)
    Draconic Skin (CompArc p?; note- if PC is also a Sorcerer, may take Draconic Heritage as prereq instead)

    Hands as Weapons (AU/AE)


    The PHB Monk has a set list of "Monk Weapons"- kama, nunchaku, quarterstaff, sai, shuriken, and siangham. This section lists specific additions to that list from various sources.

    (See also Pole Master, Pole Fighter, and Unorthodox Flurry Feats for further expansions)

    Butterfly Sword (OA p19)
    Club (OA p19)
    Cutting Wheel (SoS p135)
    Jitte (OA p19)
    Hook Sword (SoS p136)
    Lajatang (OA p19)
    Longstaff (CompAdv p)
    Monk's Cane (SoS p135)
    Monk's Spade (SoS p136)
    Nekode (OA p19)
    Steel Flute- treated as Club for weapon proficiency (SoS p136)
    Three-Section Staff (OA p19)
    Tonfa (OA p19)


    Alchemical Gear

    Alchemist's Fire
    Tanglefoot Bag

    Magical Gear

    Acrobat Boots (MIC p67)
    Amulet of Mighty Fists
    Amulet of Natural Armor
    Armband of Elusive Action (MIC p72)
    Armbands of Might (MIC p72)
    Belt of Battle (MIC p73)
    Belt of Giant Strength
    Belt of Growth (MIC p73)
    Belt of Ultimate Athleticism (MIC p54)
    Bolt Shirt (MIC p75)
    Boots of Agile Leaping (MIC p76)
    Boots of Jumping (MIC p77)
    Boots of Sidestepping (MIC p78)
    Boots of Swift Passage (MIC p78)
    Bracers of Accuracy (MIC p79)
    Bracers of Great Collision (MIC p80)
    Bracers of Opportunity (MIC p81)
    Bracers of Quick Strike (MIC p81)
    Brawler's Gauntlets (MIC p82)
    Brute Gauntlets (MIC p82)
    Cloak of Battle (MIC p87)
    Cloak of Elemental Protection (MIC p87)
    Cloak of Quills (SavSpec p55, MIC p87)
    Cloak of the Salamander (& Greater cloak) (MIC p88)
    Cloak of Thorns (MIC p88)
    Counterstrike Bracer (MIC p90)
    Devastation Gauntlets (MIC p93)
    Dragonfang Gauntlets (MIC p95)
    Fiery Tunic (MIC p99)
    Formless Vest (MIC p100)
    Gauntlets of Arrow Deflection
    Gauntlets of Ogre Power
    Ghoul Gauntlets (MIC p104)
    Githborn Talisman (MIC p105)
    Gloves of Fortunate Striking (MIC p106)
    Gloves of Lightning (MIC p106)
    Gloves of the Titan's Grip (MIC p107)
    Greatreach Bracers (MIC p108)
    Gwaeron's Belt (MIC p109)
    Hair Shirt of Suffering (MIC p109)
    Heartseeking Amulet (MIC p110)
    Impervious Vestment (MIC p112)
    Ki Straps (MIC p113)
    Lightning Tunic (MIC p114)
    Mantle of Second Chances (MIC p115)
    Monk's Belt
    Necklace of Natural Weapons (SavSpec p58)
    Quarterstaff of Battle (MIC p54)
    Quicksilver Boots (MIC p119)
    Quiver of Ehlonna/Efficient Quiver
    Rags of Restraint (MIC p119)
    Rapidstrike Bracers (MIC p119)
    Reciprocal Bracers (MIC p120)
    Ring of Adamantine Touch (MIC p121)
    Ring of Avoidance (MIC p122)
    Ring of the Darkhidden (MIC p122)
    Ring of Entropic Deflection (MIC p123)
    Ring of Growth (SavSpec p54)
    Ring of Lightning Flashes (MIC p125)
    Ring of Mystic Defiance (MIC p125)
    Ring of Shrinking (SavSpec p54)
    Rings of Force Armor (MIC p128)
    Rod of Cats (MIC p56)
    Rod of Celestial Might (MIC p56)
    Sandals of Sprinting (MIC p131)
    Scarab of Invulnerability (MIC p132)
    Sepulchral Vest (MIC p133)
    Shirt of Angels (MIC p134)
    Shirt of Bone (MIC p134)
    Shirt of Chain (MIC p134)
    Shirt of Demonskin (MIC p134)
    Shirt of the Fey (MIC p134)
    Shirt of the Inevitable (MIC p134)
    Shirt of Ironskin (MIC p135)
    Shirt of the Moon (MIC p135)
    Shirt of Resilience (MIC p135)
    Shirt of Slaadskin (MIC p135)
    Shirt of the Treant (MIC p136)
    Shroud of Scales (MIC p136)
    Strongarm Bracers (MIC p138)
    Staff of the Unyielding Oak (MIC p60)
    Third Eye: any except Penetrate (MIC p140-143)
    Torc of Displacement (MIC p143)
    Torc of the Titans (MIC p143)
    Transposer Cloak (MIC p144)
    True Strike Gauntlest (MIC p144)
    Vambraces of Warding (MIC p144)
    Vanguard Treads (MIC p145)
    Vanisher Cloak (MIC p145)
    Vest of Defense (MIC p146)

    Weapon: Masterwork/magical version of weapon on Monk weapon list



    Survivor Monk (3.5e Optimized Character Build) - D&D Wiki

    I'm not perfect & I don't have every WotC or 3rd party book out there, so all additions & corrections are welcome!

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    The Le Games produced a monk source book as part of its Unorthodox range. It had five variant base class monks.

    * the Chaos Monk
    * the Lasserator
    * the Shadow Warrior
    * the Snake Master
    * the Spiritual Defender

    The Lasserator is my favourite. I'm playing one at the moment, but as an oriental barbarian rather than a monk.

    aka thotd

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    OA PrC

    Shame on your forgetting to mention the best 1-level dip a Monk (or cleric or druid) can get...

    Shiba Protector.

    Well worth the prereqs.

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    Do you want just WotC or others as well?

    In addition to Unorthodox Monks there are

    Beyond Monks by Chainmail Bikini Games for a martial artist class and great feats and some prcs.

    Quintessential Monk I & II by Mongoose publishing for feats and prcs and styles

    Path of the Sword/Arcana Unearthed/Arcana Evolved by Malhavoc Press for an alternate monk class and martial feats

    Blood and Fists by RPGObjects for a different way to do martial arts

    and others.

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    All contributions are welcome, but I'm hoping to ferret out as much of the official WotC stuff as possible- some of these I've posted are just a few lines of alternative rules in a sidebar.

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    Don't forget the Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords and the Swordsage Monk variant under Adaption on page 20.

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    Is the Swordsage Monk variant a base class or a PrCl?

    (Placing it under base classes for now.)

    Same question to those posting 3rd party Monk variants.

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