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    Damn it. I forgot to mark "Angry Mod Day" on my calendar.

    Can I pretend to be a mad mod, too? Better yet, make me a mod for a day and we can have some real fun.


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    I hate slow web access, Double post deleted....

    But I still Say Tunnels and Trolls is a better system than OD&D...
    Last edited by Wystan; Monday, 31st March, 2008 at 05:59 PM.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Mage 06-06-05 - Regarding the hiring of Mearls by WOTC
    I think we may have just witnessed the birth of the 4th edition development process...

    August 2007.

    I wrote this:
    17 Archer Feats

    Slife - Almost all MMORPGs make sense if you assume the god of time has gone horribly, horribly mad.

    Quote Originally Posted by catsclaw
    We'll know how closely 4e mimics WoW by the first table you play at at a con. If one player hands the DM a sheet of paper that says "I find the nearest mining node, and mine it. Then I repeat." and leaves the table, and another player starts yelling at all the other players to buy his gold, then yeah--it's a WoW clone.

    Short of that, you're not really getting the MMO experience.

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    Sorry for the confusion. There's been a bit of miscommunication going on. Unfortunate, but occasionally unavoidable.

    Whatever issues there may have been, there is content here that's valid for discussion. So, please continue with respect for your fellow EN World members.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FickleGM
    Damn it. I forgot to mark "Angry Mod Day" on my calendar.

    Can I pretend to be a mad mod, too? Better yet, make me a mod for a day and we can have some real fun.

    It's all your fault, anyway.
    Crit happens

    Here's looking at ewe, kid.

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    And Rel tags Umbran who comes into the ring swinging... But what's that? Pkitty coming up behind him with a chair?
    Originally Posted by diaglo
    Olgar Shiverstone or other new edition DM: so i've gotta wrap up the campaign..
    diaglo: we could play OD&D(1974) the only true game. All the other editions are..
    other gamer: i could run a campaign set in space with ninja pirates.
    other gamers: done. when do we start.

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    Can we get a poll for this thread? It really needs one.

    You can clean up vomit, but data is always messy. - Storm's Law

    I don't care if you light his face on fire and put it out with an anvil... - A. Taylor

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    I vote maybe.

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    There is more brown and red in this thread than any other one I've seen in a long, long time. Wow.

    Onto point: Rel, if you will have more fun in OD&D, have fun with it. I know I can never wrap my brain around many of the inconstancies that muddied my gaming experience with it: blatant inequality of classes, wonky sub-systems, varying high-or-low dice rolling, etc. Not saying 3e or 4e made it all go away, but I cannot, for the life of me, envision going back to the world percentile strength, Thac0, save vs. breath weapon, dual-classing, demi-human level limits, Hide in Shadows %, Cureall, and druids dueling to get past 12th level.

    If you can, hats off. You're a better man than I.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arkhandus
    ......I endorse anything Remathilis says.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FickleGM
    Can I pretend to be a mad mod, too?
    Only if you wear this outfit.


    "I realize that I am generalizing here, but, as is often the case when I generalize, I don't care." Dave Barry

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