Dynamic Excel "Wiesbaden Charactersheet" D&D (v1.11)
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    Dynamic Excel "Wiesbaden Charactersheet" D&D (v1.11)

    Heya guys,

    we created our dynamic "Wiesbaden Charactersheet" D&D 4.0 for everyone.

    Here is the full dynamic Excel version. It has a LOT of options. You should be able to create any kind of character based on the PHB and the MM alternate race options. It also has power, initiative and magic item cards you can fill in. You still need the PHB for the exact details of the powers and rituals tough:
    Current Version: 1.12

    PDF version incl. Power- and Magicitem Cards:

    Updates will be under the same links.

    If you find any bugs or misspelled terms or words please post them in this thread. We really appreciate it!

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    Block Amurayi

    List of changes:

    Version 1.12: RELEASED 07-07-08
    New features:
    - Power cards in trading card size!
    - Magic item cards in trading card size!
    - Initiative card for your char!
    - Custom tab - enter everything hot and fancy you find in new non-PHB sources

    - More custom fields for homebrew rules
    - Instead of writing 1d8+0 you can write 1d8
    - Some fields disapear if you selcet certain options
    - You can edit different bonuses of your damage like attack bonus
    - Override field for languages
    - you can select "no weapon" for your attacks to give you no proficiency
    Design changes:
    - The Attack and Damage fields are now more organized
    - Damage is now split up
    - The "Used" box dispears for at-will-powers
    - The ability name colors itself according to At-Will/Enc/Daily power
    - Made at-will powers field smaller and moved them closer to the other powers on page 2 of the sheet
    - Removed "Temporary effects" on charsheet III to make space for more powers
    Bug fixes:
    - Minoor Spellling issuez
    - Magic Cloth armor gives your Dex or Int bonus as it should
    - Eldritch Blast can be selected as Half-Elf power as well
    - Nature not a class skill for rogues anymore
    - Feats: "Warrior of the Wild" sets the right skills to trained
    - Feats: Weapon Focus Polearm added
    - Feats: "Dragon Frenzy" is indicated on benefits when bloodied
    - Feats: "Shield Push" changed description
    - Gods: Avandra appears on your charsheet if you select her
    - 3rd Damage field shows correct value now
    - Removed the zeros in the weapon 1 drown-down menu
    - Misc bonus for fighters weapon talent appears in both basic attack boxes, not only first one
    - Item bonus field for speed can now be edited
    - Demigod ability bonuses fixed

    Version 1.13: TO BE RELEASED
    New features:
    - "Buff" page
    - More custom fields for homebrew rules
    - Artificer class from Dragon mag
    - Updated Warforged race from Dragon mag
    Design changes:
    - At-Will/Enc/Daily Indicator moved to first spot in Favorite Powers
    Bug fixes:
    - Feats bonuses don't stack anymore
    In planning:
    - Auto populating weapon ranges and damage.
    - New landscape sheet with bigger fonts and less data

    NOT A BUG!
    - Skill bonus for humans and eladrins is already included in the amounts of skill you can choose. Skills you are automatically trained with are preselected as trained for you.
    - Wizards DO NOT get an extra Utility power with expanded spellbook
    - Make sure you scroll up and down in the pop-up menus. You might miss an option you can pick!

    Known issues:
    - Feat bonuses stack
    - Minor issues with Open Office
    - The yellow fields indicate which fields you cen edit in the charsheet. However these fields will also print yellow on a color printer.
    - The charcheets are optimized for DIN A4. If you use US letter make sure you select the "Fit to page" setting in you rprinting window

    Things we like and probably won't change:
    - Damage fields don't generate their values automatically. For this we would have to program every power. It would be possible but we won't do this to avoid legal issues.
    - Adding the full powers might be a step to far to get in trouble with the WotC legal department. We won't cross this line.
    - All PHB Potions are listed in backpack. Just add the number of potions you have next to it. Sell price is per potion. Only because they are listed it doesn't mean you have them. If you don't like the potions just delete the fields (they are editable)
    - No fields for ammunition is a good thing (Do you REALLY count your shot arrows?)
    - No fields for character looks, background or traits. You visualize this in your head anyway. We consider doing an extra "fluff" page in the future though.
    - Worshipping a specific god isn't recognized as a prerequisite for the Channel Divinity Feats. This way you can use the Override field for custom gods from other settings.
    - Using a "staff" (opposed to a "quarterstaff") does not add a proficiency bonus to a Melee Basic attack power (used with Str). Use the Override field to circumvent this or pick "Quarterstaff" if you do Melee attacks with your staff implement.
    - "Charsheet page 1": "Class powers" don't list the extra Daily powers Wizards aquire.
    - No "Weight" fields. Ask your DM to stop being so anal if he burdens you to keep track of something like this.
    Last edited by Amurayi; Tuesday, 8th July, 2008 at 01:01 PM.

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    Very, very nice. Thanks for this!

    I am working a character through it right now and I'll post any problems I come across.

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    I entered a lvl 6 Dwarf wizard (mc: fighter). Went smoothly, the setup is easy and elegant. I see the staff note in your known problems. When you use a staff as an implement, rather than an attack (with your int to power spells) you don't get the prof. bonus, so that should be correct. However, when I tried to enter the quarterstaff as a weapon also, it did not give me the prof. bonus.

    Didn't come across any other problems, the sheet is really fantastic. You, sir, are a god among men. This thing must have really been a ton of work.

    Edit: One question - does the large PAGE 1 on each of the final character sheet pages print, if you print the sheets? I don't have a printer hooked up right now to see. And if so, why?
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    Looks great! I have been working on something similar, though you have gotten a lot farther than I have.

    A couple things:

    Is this compatible with OpenOffice? Most of the sheet works, but I am getting a lot of error codes.
    Eladrin Education isn't accounted for on the Skills tab.

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    Basice Ranged and Basic melee attacks are described on page 287, not 255

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    I really like this sheet, it looks like it's going to be very helpful. I've found a few errors in this sheet while using it in open office calc, not sure if thats the reason.

    1. +1 to all skills isn't added at level 10, not sure about 20.
    2. lots of 502 errors and #value errors, especially in the skill and feat pages. #value errors in the feat page seem to be for class specific feat names, except in the feat and heroic feats left boxes.
    3. Weapon proficiency drop downs can't be changed, says it's protected.
    4. There are many errors on the character sheets, ability modifiers aren't being added to ability check totals, lots of ### in various fields,

    This sheet isn't really usable in OpenOffice, but I really appreciate the effort you obviously put into this sheet, and if these are only issues when using this software I can definitely got a copy of microsoft office, because this sheet is going to be very, very useful, as even I have trouble reading my own handwriting sometimes.
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    Your character builder is beautiful! I used to use something similar in 3e, and was hoping someone would be taking on this kind of task. (It would be a serious stretch of my Excel-fu to do this.) And as a first reaction, I also like the layout of your character sheet.

    Entering my first character into it (a wiz 1), are the equipment and attack pages still works in progress? I can imagine a version of your creation in which the various attack stats would be automatically entered and calculated.

    In the more immediate term, though, I don't undertand how the "Choose your attack bonus" row is supposed to work.

    And again, Great Job! And Thanks!

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    making a fighter. On the Feats page, the feats left and heroic feats left do not decrease if I select Quick draw (I do meet the requirments).

    Taking the cleric multiclass feat, Initiate of the faith gives skill training in perceptions (should be religion)

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