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    Nothing cures promiscuosity like unintentional incest. If he is a womanizer, I would imagine that the chances of one or both of his parents are better than average. If he finds out that he's banged his half sister (or even long lost whole sister) he might take more time to consider his womanizing ways.

    Of course, she could still get pregnant, give him some form of STD while angering her adopted half-minotaur step father AND her level 12 dragonborn fighter fiance but then you'd be as big a jerk DM as me.

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    Then there's the possibility he's been picked up by someone who deliberately infects him... lycanthropy would be the least of his problems since he could be seeing a succubus or a vampiress or even kidnapped if say his latest girlfriend is actually a changeling or worse!

    Okay just reread so scratch the succubus and the changeling but... perhaps not the changeling bit though...

    However what if his "lover" fed him the philter of love?

    Or what if he woke up the next morning in the woman's body?
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    A later thought drawing on some of the other ideas, and assuming the game can tolerate a joke:

    You could take a page from Urusei Yatsura and introduce a NPC following one of his wenching expeditions. Some rediculously powerful person or creature who falls madly in love with him, follows him everywhere, is loved by the rest of the party for since she's cute(gorgous, whatever), pleasent, kind, helpful, etc... and kicks the crap out of the Player whenever he so much as looks at another girl. Regular discussions of the impending marriage should be used as well.

    Then her friends, family start, and ex-fiance/boyfriend start showing up.

    Assuming the game and player can tolerate it, play this for laughs.

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    One of these women could be romantically linked to a villain, a gangster who sends hired assassins after the PC.

    Or, maybe her husband barges in while the PC is en flagrante, and begins to administer a beat. Even if the NPC is a little lower level, if he's armed, and the PC is nekkid, the PC will be at a pretty big disadvantage.

    A bribery scheme could be another thing.......maybe one of these women is an agent for the government of another country (other than the PC's native land), and she arranges for their tryst to be noticed by agents working for his own native government. That could put him in trouble with his liege, king, or whatever, to explain why he was sleeping with the enemy. She could even take the opportunity to plant incriminating papers among his belongings.

    Maybe one of these women uses the distraction to arrange to have someone come in and steal his stuff.

    A woman he beds could be a favourite of one of the members of the pantheon of gods of his world, who becomes jealous, and decides to inflict some good 'ol divine retribution.

    One of the women he's with could be the king's daughter, in disguise, enjoying life outside the confines of the palace walls.....and the PC has now been brought to the attention of the king, or the king's vizier or whoever, who has intentions on the princess. Or maybe the kind just doesn't like a peasant sleeping with his daughter, and decides to do something royal to the PC. Something like that could even lead to a few interesting games.....maybe the PC is imprisoned in the King's most secure prison, intended to disappear.....and now the rest of the PCs have to break into the place to rescue him. For the player, he gets to play a follower or other secondary character, or even the princess, for the rescue attempt on his own character.

    Maybe one of these women is a body stealer, and he ends up waking up on the wrong side of the sheets.

    He could have his reputation trashed by one of the women he starts costing more, because merchants all dislike him, people scowl at him, dogs growl at him, that type of thing. Maybe one of them claims he assaulted them, and the PC has to defend himself...the penalty being incarceration, or 6 months labour or something.

    I'm sure there are many ways you can make this into an interesting character flaw that results in real consequences for his behaviour.


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    Gender issues associated with a cursed belt that existed in previous editions of DnD...

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    Sleeping with the bad guy made my bard kind-of monogamous for a while.

    Love the idea of him getting pregnant. Like Trip Tucker getting pregnant on Enterprise.

    Or having him accidentally meet the parents. And they start talking dowries.

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    One of my favorite cures to this is simply introducing a woman who's better at seducing him then he is at seducing her. Even the most cocksure (Hah hah!) man can be whipped.

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    I would suggest that you don't go overboard in providing him with problems - after all, as 'role playing hooks' go, this is far less disruptive than many possibilities.

    It is no worse than the classical 'James Bond' or 'Conan' type hero after all.

    It sounds like you are already providing ramifications in the game from his antics which are causing the party as a whole some problems.

    Essentially, I'm suggesting you don't smack the guy because he is bothering to role-play a certain type of character. But you can use humour and fun, give him the odd embarrassing moment while still allowing him to continue with his, er, 'schtick'.


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    If you want a quick cure, I think having to explain to your comrades why they've just found you tied to a bed buck naked with all of your valuable stolen might do the trick.

    If you want to enjoy yourself as a DM see if you can use the tendency to your advantage. How would he react to someone stringing along not quite letting him have his way but giving him enough hope to keep up the chase. How might he be manipulated like this. What would he do to make that "conquest".

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    It sounds like you are okay with having this kind of character in the game, but you want to gear things so the party as a whole isn't perpetually suffering for his deeds. For that purpose, there are lots of clever ideas here - I particularly like RKWoodard's.

    On the other hand, if you want to actually curtail the amorous activities, you may try this approach that's worked for me when I've needed to behavior modify a player:
    Discuss the situation with the player, and how the character's womanizing antics are disruptive to the game. Explain that you understand that it's "Just being in character!" Then 'together' come up with an adventure plotline that will 'mature' the character - in fact you have a few ideas already (courtesy of this thread)! Something monumental happens, agreeable to the player, that will permanently alter his character.

    I realize that discussing plots with players is unusual, but when your goal is to alter a character's basic traits, you need buy-in ahead of time.

    (maybe I should create a fork for discussing how much metagame character alteration is allowable in a campaign?)

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