Adventure Group Names

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    Adventure Group Names

    I am having a hard time coming up with a cool yet not cliche Adbenture Group Name. You know the name you call your D&D party group...its official company name.

    Any ideas?


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    Welcome to ENWorld, and I never really named my party before....

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    Let it grow on its own, out of something the party do or become known for.

    The last party I helped name was called "The Company of the Green Cloak", for no other reason than most of the character pieces we were using had, by coincidence, been painted with green cloaks...

    Another party I once ran with called itself "Team Overkill", mostly due to its habit of, as its DM once put it, "using lightning bolts to kill mosquitoes".

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    My longest running game was a group of 3 barbarians. We called ourselves Anger Management. On the subject of overkill, throughout all 10 levels we played, we power attacked everything. Every time. To the max.

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    One party I'm in is called The Lions Rampant. It makes the heraldry really easy, and there's some setting significance as well.

    Another is the Blinkstone Companions - we found a defective light stone that blinks intermittently on an adventure. We all thought it was kind of cool, and it became our mascot.
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    In the two groups in which I'm a player, I went out of the way to make sure we had a group name, and it's added a lot to our roleplaying.

    One group is called The Scaled Company, after the very unlikely defeat of a Tyrannosaurus Rex when the group was only 3rd- and 4th-level. We skinned the beast and made several pairs of masterwork boots, which we give to new and replacement members as a sign they've earned our trust.

    Another group is The Blood Griffons. My half-ogre named us when we needed a team name for the Champion's Belt event in Greyhawk. Technically, he spelled it "Blud Grifuns," but one of the other party members corrected it surreptitiously. The name is a variation on the half-ogre's father's company of mercenary ogres, The Black Griffons. (The father, BTW, is human, which is a longer story.)
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    Confederacy of Dunces.

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    Elvis Lives?

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    My advice is don't try to force it. Out of all our campaigns only the highest currently has a 'company' name; The Portal Walkers. Long story, but basically our world has been cut off from all other planes for several hundered years, one of the side effects was that the ability to use the large scale teleportation portals was lost. We were the first to do so again, thus "oh, look it's the Portal Walkers". It stuck.
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    In our current Undermountain 3.5E campaign our Group is known to the patrons of the Yawning Portal as "Dead and Buried". They love betting on us to die but we keep coming back (though I am on my 3rd character).
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