4E Drowquest [4e] Raiding the Road (Hiatus)
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    Drowquest [4e] Raiding the Road (Hiatus)

    Abbil-Belerns two training patrols are out with a pair of regular patrols. The Captain has recently arrived with his lieutenants. Caliban, your patrol leader is going over battle positioning and reviewing the handsigns that allow you to communicate as if you could have full discussions in another place entirely

    The patrol groups are spaced out in a large cavern, several days travel from the Vault of the Drow. The company has used this cave before, and bedrolls were pulled from a hidden compartment. Caliban led you to a small alcove off one side of the cavern.
    The alcove is 15 wide and 10 deep, with the spider crammed into a back corner. Half way up the wall.

    Without warning the cavern begins to shake and the ceiling collapses with a thunderous roar!

    Caliban was just outside the alcove, he leaps for the alcove left wall but is pinned under a boulder, and half buried in loose rocks.
    Drisdaun and Rantyr are both injured by debris.

    As a few rocks continue to fall, You hear a voice in undercommon: Now finish off the survivors, and collect our trophies.

    OOC: Reflex attacks 5,7,7,9,10; Drisdhaun 17(dmg 7), Rantyr 15 (10 dmg)
    Caliban hit (plot dmg)
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