RG for Off to War
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    RG for Off to War

    Since we will need a place to go over characters and to level them up I 'll set that up in this thread and post a link to here.

    Go here: http://www.enworld.org/forum/talking...-year-3-a.html

    To learn more about the campaign. (everyone gets in)

    ROLL CALL!!!
    Character                 Player                Class                    XP
    Marko                     Deskjob               Paladin               1,485
    Trinham Woods             ghostcat              Battle Sorcerer      24,080
    Loreen Winmer             Myth and Legend       Wizard               12,170
    Athos Jasanian            wysiwyg               Monk                    690 
    Hralfgar Bjorngard        Erwinfoxjj            Fighter               1,285
    Aidan Burke               Theroc                Monk                  6,175
    Damon Valnor              Galphanore            Druid Avenger           555
    Claude Francois Grignard  Frozen Messiah        Paladin               5,865
    Jareth Kyras              Dragonwriter          Duskblade            24,545
    Onesimus                  Sphyh                 Fighter               2,345
    Lurik                     Gondsman              Cleric/Wizard         1,415
    Malaroc                   Fangor the Fierce     Dragon Shaman        11,430
    Elms                      Scratched_back        Ranger                  980
    Darling                   Sugar Silk            Bard                  2,910
    Cedric Chindler           Lughart               Transmuter            2,050
    Averillian Quintharian    Aldern Foxglove       Rogue/Wizard          3,165
    Ernestine Thankirk        jackslate45           Conjurer              8,315
    Gareth Silander           Spade                 Fighter                 580
    Lord Alexander            Zerith                Beguiler              3,050
    Alden Jahl                Axel                  Rogue                 4,775
    Tiagio Anangale           Herobizkit            Divine Bard           1,195
    Hera                      Megan Voss            Paladin                 505
    Adventure Threads:
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