To Catch a Crimelord, or Down the Rabbit Hole (garyh judging)
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    To Catch a Crimelord, or Down the Rabbit Hole (garyh judging)

    Following the directions given by the newly translated notes and journals from Nightshade's lair, the heroes enter the seedy area surrounding the docks. Like light sending cockroaches skittering, your mere presence sends figures to the shadows. The evening is growing as you make your way past a dozen or so similar looking warehouses, eventually spotting the one from Nightshade's journal at the end of the row. The building looks abandoned from the outside, the windows are boarded up and there is no light visible from inside.


    Welcome heroes, today is your lucky day a chance at vengeance and retribution lie ahead of you, the road shall not be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is.

    Previous Adventure:
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    Georg moves carefully with his allies. He hopes they all have learned to be patient and as stealthy as possible. He grimaces at Kruk's armor clanking as they walk and resigns himself to their normal "strategy". He looks about the streets, feeling out of place in the grimy wharf area.

    Georg is going to throw some of his skill into the ring, though most of it is untrained -
    Perception (to see anything unusual) 1d20+2=8 Stealth (just to try) 1d20=12 Streetwise (knowledge of how to enter abandoned buildings) 1d20=16

    I think I got nothing...

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    As the group approaches the warehouse Raiyek motions for them to stop. "Perhaps we should have Carolina and Grim scout again. Mr. X's letter to us mentioned that the Poisoned Shadows were a thorn in his side, so he might have known of their impending attack and made preparations. If we can find a way in that he doesn't anticipate it could be to our advantage."

    The paladin turns to the rest of the group. "In the meantime, we should try not to attract attention to ourselves." He moves towards the mouth of a shadowy alley and motions for everyone to follow him as his armor disappears suddenly, as though he were never wearing it. As he moves he scans the surrounding area, looking for anything of note, especially possible lookouts or people paying undue attention to the group. As he does so he keeps glancing at Lily, as though checking on her.
    Raiyek uses the armor's power to banish it for now (AC without armor is noted in his stat block) so he can be more sneaky. He'll also get his shield strapped on and ready while he waits.

    Perception: 1d20+11=20
    Stealth: 1d20+1=6

    Guess he's not that inconspicuous even without the armor ...

    Here's to a great adventure, eveyone!
    I'm really looking forward to trying out the new and improved Raiyek. I think, if I'm not mistaken, that Raiyek now has the highest AC in L4W with his new armor - thanks again, ren
    Raiyek stats
    Raiyek Meliam - Male Elf Paladin (Palladys) 3
    Passive Perception: 21, Passive Insight: 19; Low-light vision
    AC:23(15), Fort:16, Reflex:17, Will:16 -- Speed:6
    HP: 39/39, Bloodied:19, Surge Value:9, Surges Left:11/11
    Resist 1 all, Resist 5 poison
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind
    Valiant Strike, Ardent Strike, Divine Challenge, Lay on Hands (3/3)
    Piercing Smite, Strength from Valor, Virtue, Channel Divinity, Elven Accuracy, Hunter's Quarry
    Paladin's Judgment
    Group Awareness: All non-elf allies within 5 squares of Raiyek gain a +1 bonus to Perception.
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    Kruk, feeling the Georg's eyes boring into him, tries as carefully as possible not make noice while walking in full plate. He follows Raiyek to a place of shadows, letting Carolina and Grim do their stealthy work. While they are doing so, Kruk resists the temptation to charge.


    stealth roll: 1d20-3=17 ha ha! I crit on a stealth alerting anyone from me!

    perception roll:1d20+3=4 and I fumbled the perception roll...glad it wasn't the other way around.

    I think Tinwe mentioned in an earlier post that he'd be gone a couple days. Someone care to roleplay his character until he gets back. We all know what happens when I roleplay someone else's character.

    stat block

    Adverse Condition: none
    Initiative: +1
    Kruk- Male Dwarf Fighter Level 3
    *Passive Insight 13
    *Passive Perception 13
    *Senses low light vision
    *HP 48
    *Bloodied 24 Surge Value 12; Surges Per-Day 12
    *AC =22
    *Fortitude 18 Reflex 14 Will 14 Speed 5
    *Save +5 vs. poison
    +armor bonuses: resist 5 fire & resist 5 necrotic
    *action Points: 1
    *Second Wind: 1
    basic attack:+1 Thundering Battleaxe: To Hit: +9: Damage 1d10+5: additional 1d6 for a crit
    *At will:
    Brash Strike
    Tide of Iron
    Passing Attack
    Shield Slam
    Comeback Strike
    Thundering Weapon power
    Cloak Power
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    No problem L.S. You won the random dice roll-off I had to get the highest level item.

    Yeah Grim's MIA for a few more days, if you want him to scout with Carolina I'll roll for him. I'll wait for IG first.

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    Lily seemed pretty at home at the docks, saying that it seemed a lot like Bacarte. When Raiyek halted the group and she realized they were at their destination her eyes positively gleamed with excitement. After hearing the paladin's plan, Lily nodded in understanding and followed him into the alley way, trying to keep out of sight. Her wide liquid eyes peered into the gloom looking for places to watch out for, and her ears strained for any sound of movement.


    Lily- Female Human Shaman 1
    Initiative: +1, Passive Perception: 19, Passive Insight: 19, Senses: Normal
    AC:15, Fort:14, Reflex:14, Will:16 -- Speed:6
    HP:26/26, Bloodied:13, Surge Value:6, Surges left:9/9
    Action Points: 1
    Powers -
    Call Spirit Companion
    Spirit's Fangs
    Haunting Spirits
    Stalker's Strike
    Watcher's Strike

    Healing Spirit
    Healing Spirit
    Speak with Spirits
    Twin Panthers
    Second Wind

    Spirit of the Healing Flood


    Full character sheet

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    Carolina walks ahead of the group and melts into the shadows before approaching the empty warehouse. As quietly as possible, she looks around for anything worth noting.

    Stealth, Perception: 1d20+10=26, 1d20+4=21

    Carolina's stat block
    Carolina- Female Halfling Rogue 1
    Passive Perception: 14, Passive Insight: 9
    AC:17, Fort:11, Reflex:17, Will:13 -- Speed:6
    HP:24/24, Bloodied:12, Surge Value:6, Surges left:7/7
    Initiative +5
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind: not used
    Powers: Sly Flourish, Deft Strike, Positioning Strike, Blinding Barrage

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