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    Georg urges his slow muscles into action, moving into the room and holding up his staff defensively.

    No long range spells here, so I guess it's move 5 to I19 or I18 if possible, not sure where we are standing off map.

    Should have specified my spells for today, since it is in my signature I will go with Flaming Sphere. Sleep is looking better for the future if we keep being sneaky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Sessadore View Post
    Yeah, he does seem to be a bit of a crit magnet, doesn't he? At least he's got the hp to deal with a couple before going down now.

    Also, shouldn't Raiyek only take 15 damage, since he has resist 1 all?

    Yeah, sorry about that ...

    But you are correct. I've updated the summary above. I even looked at your CS and saw that, but my mental reminder wasn't enough apparently, nor was my note in your PC in my Maptools file

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    Block dimsdale


    I believe in a previous post that I stated that stepped on square west inside the room in order to give room for others to enter the room. That would put me at H21 to start.

    Kruk eyes brighten as he sees the foes come forth. Kruk states in an intimidating way to the human foe dressed in chain holding the halberd, "Let's see how well you know how to use that weapon my friend. I'll be happy to introduce you to mine!" Pausing for a second, he yells again, "Show me watch ya got!" He then bangs his axe against the shield in a ritual he does before jumping into battle. Then, Kruk gaze locks onto the human's eyes and he states: "Of course, you could run away in order to live another day..."

    ooc: intimidate check on human with halberd: 1d20-1=18

    kruk's stats

    Adverse Condition: none
    Initiative: +1
    Kruk- Male Dwarf Fighter Level 3
    *Passive Insight 13
    *Passive Perception 13
    *Senses low light vision
    *HP 48
    *Bloodied 24 Surge Value 12; Surges Per-Day 12
    *AC =22
    *Fortitude 18 Reflex 14 Will 14 Speed 5
    *Save +5 vs. poison
    +armor bonuses: resist 5 fire & resist 5 necrotic
    *action Points: 1
    *Second Wind: 1
    basic attack:+1 Thundering Battleaxe: To Hit: +9: Damage 1d10+5: additional 1d6 for a crit
    *At will:
    Brash Strike
    Tide of Iron
    Passing Attack
    Parry and Riptose
    Comeback Strike
    Thundering Weapon power
    Cloak Power
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    I'll adjust your starting position, but I'd suggest holding action until the enemies go. We just finished the surprise round witth Georg moving into the room. Now we need Grim, Carolina, Lily, and Raiyek's full round actions, then the baddies, then back to Georg and yourself

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    Block dimsdale


    got it. I'll edit my post.

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    I'll go ahead and post this time to keep things moving along, but I meant to ask earlier.

    Do you prefer people go in order of init, or just post as they can within their block of initiative?

    Lily's eyes darted back and forth between the armed individuals. Biting her lip and screwing up her courage she made a dash for cover near the door. As she slid to a stop her eyes widened as she saw more bad guys on the north side of the room. Eeep!

    She pointed the skull in that general direction, go get 'em!

    In the light shining from Kruk's shield an observant person might have seen Lily's shadow vanish as the plume of darkness and gnashing teeth erupted in front of the axe wielding man. The eyes of the skull flared and Lith's form blossomed eyes that look like hungry things waiting in the dark as it lashed out wide with a shadowy tentacle.


    move: move to K21 and what is hopefully cover (I think it is based on the map).

    minor: summon spirit companion in F11

    standard: Watcher's Strike: vs Ref (Target: axe man) (1d20+4=7)
    That's surely a miss.

    Reminder: enemies leaving a space adjacent to Lith without shifting are subject to a Spirit's Fang attack. (+4 vs ref, 1d10+4 damage)

    Lily's Spirit Primer (Please Read!)

    Spirit companions are complex critters, so this is to remind everyone, myself included, of the important points. The first three items are probably the most relevant to the other players.
    • Any of Lily's allies who start their turn adjacent to her spirit companion can shift 1 square as a free action, as the first action during their turn.
    • Any of Lily's allies adjacent to her spirit companion gain a +3 bonus to their damage rolls against bloodied enemies.
    • Lily's spirit companion occupies 1 square, Lily's allies may move through its space, but her enemies may not.
    • Lily's spirit companion may be targeted by melee and ranged attacks. If a single attack deals 10 or more damage to Lily's spirit companion it disappears and Lily takes 5 damage. Otherwise her spirit companion is unaffected by the attack.
    • Lily's spirit companion uses Lily's defenses.
    • Any enemy that leaves a square adjacent to Lily's spirit companion without shifting is subject its Spirit Fang attack. (This is an opportunity action and so may used once per turn, rather than once per round. Since there is no reason not to take this attack DM please feel free to roll them as necessary.)
    • Lily's spirit companion is unaffected by terrain and environmental phenomena.

    Lily- Female Human Shaman 1
    Initiative: +1, Passive Perception: 19, Passive Insight: 19, Senses: Normal
    AC:15, Fort:14, Reflex:14, Will:16 -- Speed:6
    HP:26/26, Bloodied:13, Surge Value:6, Surges left:9/9
    Action Points: 1
    Powers -
    Call Spirit Companion
    Spirit's Fangs
    Haunting Spirits
    Stalker's Strike
    Watcher's Strike

    Healing Spirit
    Healing Spirit
    Speak with Spirits
    Twin Panthers
    Second Wind

    Spirit of the Healing Flood


    Full character sheet

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    Carolina enters the room and darts for cover from the debris along the wall, firing her crossbow at the halberd-wielding human.

    Move to E19
    Standard: Deft strike vs. Halberd wielder; move to D18 and attack (1d20+7=12, 1d6+5=10)

    I think I liked it better when you were rolling for me.

    Carolina's stat block
    Carolina- Female Halfling Rogue 1
    Passive Perception: 14, Passive Insight: 9
    AC:17, Fort:11, Reflex:17, Will:13 -- Speed:6
    HP:24/24, Bloodied:12, Surge Value:6, Surges left:7/7
    Initiative +5
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind: not used
    Powers: Sly Flourish, Deft Strike, Positioning Strike, Blinding Barrage

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    Block Lord Sessadore

    On Posting Order
    Assuming that Ren is using the same method as our last adventure, I think we can post in whatever order we want in our initiative block and that's the order our actions take effect. Please correct me if I'm wrong, Mr. DM.

    Raiyek whispers a short prayer to Palladys which buffers his resolve, helping to ignore some of the pain from the dwarf's bolt.

    At the same time the elf charges across the warehouse, slashing the greataxe-wielding human with his sword and leaving a nimbus of golden light around the man. "Come, friends! Show them our wrath!"

    Minor: use Virtue. Spend 1 HS and gain 9 temp hp.
    Move: to H17
    Standard: charge to E11, Ardent Strike vs. greataxe wielder: 1d20+8+1=24 vs. AC, 1d10+4=5 damage, and the target is subject is subject to my divine sanction until end of my next turn. (Marked and takes 5 radiant damage 1st time he makes an attack that doesn't include me.)

    Raiyek stats
    Raiyek Meliam - Male Elf Paladin (Palladys) 3
    Passive Perception: 21, Passive Insight: 19; Low-light vision
    AC:23, Fort:16, Reflex:17, Will:16 -- Speed:6
    HP: 24/39 +9 thp, Bloodied:19, Surge Value:9, Surges Left:10/11
    Resist 1 all, Resist 5 poison
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind
    Holy Strike
    Ardent Strike
    Divine Challenge
    Lay on Hands (3/3)

    Piercing Smite
    Strength from Valor
    Channel Divinity
    Elven Accuracy
    Hunter's Quarry

    Paladin's Judgment
    Group Awareness: All non-elf allies within 5 squares of Raiyek gain a +1 bonus to Perception.
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    I'll be using the init order in the my previous post, but feel free to post in whatever order you can to keep the game moving along. You can always adjust your actions after based on others actions (just need to keep the die roll from your OP).

    Note: If a situation happens where (let's use Raiyeks post above) that Grim's action would cause Raiyek to adjust his actions, I'll either try to adjust as best as I can (like changing the move to locatino, but if it invalidates it entirely, I'll ask for a different action

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    Grim moves forward, pauses, glares at the halberd-wielding human, and charges into battle.

    Move: L17
    Minor: Quarry Halberd
    Standard: Charge to L11 1d20+7=26, 1d10+5+1d6=16

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