[Pathfinder] [IC] Hall of the Dwarven Lord

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    [Pathfinder] [IC] Hall of the Dwarven Lord

    IC thread for 'Hall of the Dwarven Lord'


    You've been hearing the rumors for two days now. "The Hall of the Dwarven Lord has fallen to the hobgoblins!" At first you didn't believe it was true, but then the regular shipment of dwarven ale didn't arrive this morning, and there's been no word of the hall either.
    If the rumors are true, then there must be plenty of hobgoblins to slay and treasure to recover. The dwarves have always been friendly, so helping them rid their home of hobgoblins would be the right thing to do. Besides, you'd hate to think that the hobgoblins are up there wasting all the perfectly good dwarven ale!

    What do you do?

    (Best we just restart at the beginning. Just pretend you don't know )

    Hall of the Dwarven (Pathfinder) RG IC OCC
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