The old man brings you into the back room of the tavern and spends a few minutes casting a spell after gesturing for you to have a seat.

Arcana DC 17

The spell is known as Eavesdropper's Folly, a warding effect that helps block others from listening in.

After the spell is cast the man smiles and says "There, we should be all set. So you all seem to have rather unique talents and I'm quite confident in the outcome of this expedition, oh but wait yes I've gotten ahead of myself. I represent a certain group who have authorized me to contract a group of adventurer's who are independent from the group to undertake this mission. I'm not sure if you've heard the latest news in the Screamer, but despite the ridiculous claims of that rag there is always an element of truth to it. A piece of the heavens has indeed crashed down here on our fair island and it's had all sorts of wild effects that we are just beginning to understand. We've divined that a certain item was uncovered by the crash of this meteor. We've long searched for the tomb of a sorcerer who specialized in harnessing the magic of the earth. There is an item that we require from this location, it is a staff that has the ability to add the power of the earth to its wielder. I am authorized to give a reward of 150 gold crowns for each of you if you return it to me. So what say you?" Ezren long-windedly says.