4E A Simple Errand (DM:renau1g, Judge: covaithe) - Page 92
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    Ok, same marching order to enter the inner sanctum?

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    // Sure, why not? If anyone has changes I'm fine with that, too

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    I'm having some issues with Java onto this computer and will need IT to take a look at it. I'm bringing it to them shortly (told them I need it for work purposes) and should have tomorrow-ish to be able to update.

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    The doorway is opened by Crag cautiously, the warforged sees nothing in the darkness so sheathes his blade, grabs a sunrod and after shaking it, tosses it into the room. The darkness is pushed back and you see the dilapidated remains of an old temple, there is an altar in the center of the room and roughly hewn walls towards the rear of the room. It is apparent that this temple's construction was never completed. There is no hostile creatures in the room, so Crag continues to walk forward. After a few tense moments, the wizard pipes up, "Hey, what's taking so long, let's get this over with" he growls, but Crag continues cautiously.

    Veneficus moves towards the altar and lays the staff upon it, running his hands just over the implement. He looks at the group and says "Make sure nothing reaches me, I need time to complete the ritual" and he begins chanting.

    Suddenly, two large glowing runes appear on the floor, close to the exit, adding their light to the room. The wizard continues chanting.


    Please place yourselves in one of the yellow highlighted tiles & roll init while you do it. Anyone want to control Crag?
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    Dorn steps back from the wizard (start in F5). He glances around, looking for any threat, his dagger at the ready. (Init 22)

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    Block Dekana

    Jax hunches low to ground and creeps to the spot Dorn just vacated. Standing behind the unbloodied wizards is alright, but he feels safer when surrounded by them andone of the giant metal-men.

    I don't mind controlling Crag until Kalidrev gets back.

    Crag stays where he is, if I get to make the choice.

    Initiative (+2 included for Meepo's thing, even though I can't see his character sheet!)
    Jax: 24
    Crag: 6
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    // Ooops - I forgot initiative bonus, so Dorn should be 24 as well

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    Meepo stayed near the Wizard. He always thought it best to stay central. It's easier to run from the center of a circle to any of the far edges, than from one side to the other. "This isn't gonna make a dragon, right?"

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    Crag's used his Daily already, but you have his 2 encounters + the AP so have fun

    As Veneficus continues to chant and the staff begins to glow brightly you hear the sound of the earth itself rending and from small fissures in the ground, human-sized creatures of fire and earth rise up, their arms end in large, flaming spikes instead of hands.

    "The master will be protected, destroy the robed one" the say in an odd, echoing voice in near-unison.

    Suddenly, a pair of shadows detach themselves from the wall, they have longer "arms" than the last group of wraiths you fought and appear to be a bit more substantial than them also.

    Fortunately, you are ready for them, although the sight of the earth creatures sets Crag on his heels as he wonders for a moment about whether he is intruding in Terra's plans.

    Enemy Stats

    HP 48; Bloodied 24
    AC 19; Fortitude 15; Reflex 14; Will 14
    Immune disease; petrification; poison; Resist 10 fire

    HP 55; Bloodied 27
    AC 18; Fortitude 15; Reflex 15; Will 17
    Immune gaze


    init (1d20+5=14)

    Everyone but Crag goes first.

    Jax : 33/33 - 1/9 surges
    Dorn: 32/32
    Crag: 56/56
    Ingot: 37/37
    Meepo: 27/27
    Flamespiker 1: 48/48
    Flamespiker 2: 48/48
    Flamespiker 3: 48/48
    Wraith 1: 55/55
    Wraith 27: 55/55
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    Block Dekana

    Jax twirls around to face the earth-man at the rear. He rushes at it!

    "Quickly, Dorn! Before we're surrounded! Let's thin their ranks."

    Despite his severe fatigue and his many injuries, Jax stabs at the target nearly a dozen times in quick succession, his blade ripping out chunks of flame and gravel from the creature. (flamespiker 2 has 5 hp left) Still, the rogue is noticeably lax in defending himself, wobbling on his feet as he is and his arms only lowly raised. He steps backwards so as not to remain in melee.

    The man in the back said "everyone attack!" and it turned into a ballroom blitz - ballroom blitz!

    Move: Walk to E4.

    Standard: Jax has CA from his First Strike class feature. Piercing Strike vs Flamespiker 2 hits Reflex 27 for 10 damage plus 15 sneak attack damage.

    AP-Standard: Sly Lunge vs Flamespiker 2 hits AC 25 for 18 damage.

    Minor: Shifty to F3.
    PC:Jax (Dekana) - L4W Wiki- Male Kobold Rogue 2
    Passive Perception: 18, Passive Insight: 17
    AC:17, Fort:15, Reflex:18, Will:13 -- Speed:6
    HP:33/33, Bloodied:16, Surge Value:8, Surges left:1/9
    Initiative +5
    Action Points: 0, Second Wind


    Clever Strike
    Piercing Strike
    Sly Lunge
    Sneak in the Attack
    Press the Advantage

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