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    ok, great appologies, not tonight will the game update.

    had a water line freeze and break, just got done fixing it and there are other things I've gotta do tonight... sorry all

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    Grigo casts the Make Whole ritual on DoM's water line.

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    Knotty Virtue's strike rings true against the necromancer. One of the Zombie soldiers moves forward and then charges Eithal striking with it's longwsword.

    The other Zombie soldier swings at Knotty Virtue but the sword simply passes through it's spirt form.

    Yimayngurr moves from the hall into the room and lets loose to javelins, however they both miss the old man. In responce the necromancer steps back and hurls a bolt of pure darkness at Yimayngurr but it misses him harmlessly striking the wall.

    One of the dessicated crumbling zombies steps forward and charges Yimayngurr striking him.

    Another moves in an attacks Knotty Virtue, but it's attack passes through the serpents spirit form.

    Finally the remaining two move toward Jade, one of them striking at her only to find it's slam moving through flesh momentarly transformed into a mass of beetles.


    Knotty Virtue hits,

    Zombie Soldier 1 moves, then charges Eithal *hit* 9 damage.
    Zombie Soldier 2 attacks Knotty Virtue, hits, but does not deal enough damage. (4)

    Zombie Soldier vs. Eithal Zombie Soldier vs. Knotty Virtue (1d20+8=19, 1d8+3=9, 1d20+8=24, 1d8+3=4)

    I went ahead with Yimayngurr's actions becuase nothing happened that invalidated it. Your first attack just barely missed.

    The Necromancer shifts then uses Grave bolt against Yimayngurr. Vs. Reflex (1d20+6=13, 1d6+4=7) Miss.

    Zombie Rotter 1 moves then charges Yimayngurr Slam (1d20+6=22) hit 5 damage.

    Zombie Rotter 2 attacks Knotty Virtue, and Rotter 4 attacks Jade, both hit. Slam vs. Knotty Virtue Slam vs. Jade (1d20+6=22, 1d20+6=24)

    Rotter three moves toward Eithal and Jade

    18: OWW 31/31
    17: Zombie Soldier 1
    17: Zombie Soldier 2 ; Yimayngurr's Quarry
    13: Yimayngurr 17/22
    07: Necromancer ; 12 damage.
    07: Zombie Rotter 1
    07: Zombie Rotter 2
    07: Zombie Rotter 3
    07: Zombie Rotter 4
    02: Jade 32/32 <====YOur up.
    02: Eithal 26/35
    2*: Grigo 28/28
    01: Psais 26/26

    Need actions from Jade, Eitha, Grigo, Psais and OWW.

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    Block Fragsie

    Would you mind showing us enemies defences once they've been attacked or hit? It would allow us to describe our hits/misses. Not to worry if not, it's just something I'm used to from my other adventure.

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    Eithal! Can you bunch those three up, so I can hit them all at once?

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    "Whah Ah decleah! Hayow dayah yew hit a lady!? Well li'l ole Eithal needs ta teach yew some mayanahs."

    In one fluid stroke, Eithal draws the axe from her massive back and brings the blade down on the zombie. The blade lodges in the undead mass of bone and sinew. She swings around to the side of the horrid creature, pulling him along as she does so. With heroic effort, she pulls the blade free from the zombie, ripping out pieces of its flesh as she does, causing it to stagger back. As the axe rips free, it catches another adjacent zombie, pulvarizing it on impact, and barely missing a third.
    Minor: Draw Axe
    Standard: Strength of Stone
    Target: Zombie Soldier at I10
    Attack: 1d10+7=21 Hit
    Damage: 1d12+5=16
    Effect: +4 Temp HP and Pull zombie soldier to J10
    Move: Shift to K10
    Free: Mark Zombie soldier, and two other adjacent zombie rotters
    AP: Grasping Winds
    Targets: Zombie Soldier
    Attack: 1d20+7=23
    Damage: 1d12+5=17

    Eithal has +4 temp HP
    Total 33 points done to the Zombie soldier.
    Eithal turns to Jade, "Don' yew worrih 'bout ole Eithal, honey. Yew jus' go aftah thayat eaval lookin' fellah in the cohnah!"
    "Why I declare! How dare you hit a lady!? Well little old Eithal needs to teach you some manners."

    "Don't you worry about old Eithal, honey. You just go after that evil-looking fellow in the corner!"
    I've marked these two guys. So feel free to peel off after the Necro if you want. If you draw an OA, so much the better.
    Eithal hollers back to Grigo, "Will theyis dew!?"
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    also remember that OWW makes opportunity attacks through Knotty Virtue then things move away from the spirit without shifting (Spirit's Fang's power; +6 vs. Reflex, 1d10+5 damage)

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    Jade opens her 'mouth' and a swarm of red flying ants comes pouring out. As they do, the red stripes that cover Jade fade, turning her all black. The ants quickly cover the soldier and the area around him.


    Move: shift to K9
    Standard action: Swarming Locusts (H9-J11); Create zone (H9-J11), enemies grant combat advantage TENT)

    1d20+4=21, 1d20+4=10, 1d8+4=12

    So 21 to hit vs soldiers ref for 12 damage. Area changed so ignore second attack roll.

    stat block

    Initiative: +0, Passive Perception: 19, Passive Insight: 14
    AC: 18, Fort: 15, Reflex: 11, Will: 15 - Speed: 6
    HP: 32/32 Bloodied: 16 Surge Value: 8, Surges left: 12/12
    Action Points: 1

    1/1 Second wind
    1/1 Infernal Quills
    1/1 Scattered Form
    1/1 Summon Pack Wolf

    -5 damage from ranged and melee attacks
    Area targets are top to bottom, left to right
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    Well, Eithal did a good job but she also did a fine job of invalidating my attack. (you should kill both rotters unless they are some kind of super rotters (ref 9)

    I can switch to a grasping claw attack instead on the soldier I guess. On second thought, I'll use the same attack, it'll just have an invalid second target.

    Move: shift to K9
    Standard action: Swarming Locusts (H9-J11)

    Let me know if this retcon is cool and I'll edit Darwin
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    OOC: yeah that's cool your free to change your actions until I post my updates.

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