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    OOC: It looks OK to me.

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    Block ScorpiusRisk

    I don't want to skew the wealth levels too much.

    However I think Velmont's solution of giving those who are not active or going away a magic item works well.

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    Looks good to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScorpiusRisk View Post


    Encounter XP

    343 xp for Dire Wolves*
    486 xp for Temple Fight
    500 xp for Temple Puzzle
    514 xp for Duergar Fight
    800 xp for Dragon Fight**
    600 xp for Saving the town without any damage or deaths**
    500 xp for defeating the villains master plan (whatever that was)**

    *I listed this earlier but it was never approved. I don't think everyone had approved characters at the time either.
    **Ts'iri does not qualify for this xp.

    Time XP

    Montroya: 742 xp
    Solider, Mri'thas & Jarel-Karn: 930 xp each
    Kama'zer: 1018 xp
    Callen: 1118 xp
    Ts'iri: 609 xp

    So total xp is:
    Ts'iri: 1952
    Montroya: 3985
    Solider, Mri'thas & Jarel-Karn: 4173 each
    Kama'zer: 4261
    Callen: 4361


    Troll: 1 healing Potion

    Horde: Wallwalkers, Stalwart Belt, Layered Adamantine Plating +2, Power Jewel, Ghoststride Boots, Force Staff +2, Cloak of the Crimson Path, 2050 gp, 900 sp, 4 Moonstones (100 gp), silver necklace (250 gp art), gold ring inlaid with jade (250 gp art), ivory statuette of young dragon (250 gp art), Periapt of Cascading Health

    Please include Ts'iri and Kama'zer when dividing the treasure.

    Time gp:

    Ts'iri: 855.11 gp
    Montroya: 1088.11 gp
    Solider, Mri'thas & Jarel-Karn: 1461.71 gp each
    Kama'zer: 1819.29 gp
    Callen: 1998.09 gp

    Judge here. These rewards are APPROVED I also hereby award ScorpiusRisk 8 DM credits for the 4 months of adventuring.

    Good job everyone. Maybe Murphy will run into some of you later?

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