4E A Night at the Four Seasons (DM: renau1g, Judge:Ozymandias79) - Page 7
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    Block Mewness

    Are we assuming we didn't have weapons out?

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    Damen bloodies the BW5. Can everyone list who you're attacking in your attack roll? Thanks

    re: weapons. Nobody mentioned anything about carrying weapons out. So, I would assume no, no weapons drawn. In the future just let me know (ie like Iron Sky did) just note that if you're always carrying a weapon there may be issues (peoples reactions, additional endurance checks due to fatigue, etc.)

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    Block Mewness

    Taken completely unaware, Papolstaanas barely has time to turn around before wolves leap right into his face and knock him sprawling. Struggling to his feet, he finds that by the time he has his weapons out, the wolves are already attacking again.

    I assume persistent harrier is expended since P. can't use it when he's surprised, but the condition for activating it has already occurred... Bummer.

    Move: stand up

    Minor: draw scimitar

    Minor: draw parrying dagger

    Well that was exciting.

    Papolstaanas Male Kobold Battlemind 3
    Initiative: +5
    Passive Perception: 11; Passive Insight: 11; Senses: Normal
    AC:20, Fort:15, Reflex:16, Will:14
    +2 defenses against traps
    HP: 34/45, Bloodied:22, Surge Value:11, Surges left: 13/13
    Action Points: 1
    Concussive Spike
    Conductive Defense
    Lodestone Lure
    Battleminds Demand

    Psychokinetic Scimitar Ranged Basic Attack
    Second Wind

    Oaken Resilience
    Aspect of Bitter Ice

    Persistent Harrier (immediate reaction): The first time during an encounter that P. is hit or missed with an attack, he can melee attack the triggering enemy, even if it is out of melee range (+8 vs AC, 1d8+5 damage). He teleports to a square adjacent to the enemy if he hits.

    Blurred Step (special free action 1/turn): If an adjacent enemy marked by P. shifts, P. can shift 1 square in response.

    Mind Spike (immediate reaction): If an adjacent enemy marked by P. deals damage to an ally with an attack that doesnt include P., that enemy takes force and psychic damage equal to the amount its attack dealt to the ally.

    Melee basic attack: +6 vs. AC, 1d8+3 damage.

    Power Points: 4/4


    Full sheet: Papolstaanas

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    Block BenBrown

    Kaeysari clambers back to her feet and whips the cover off of her blade. Swinging the glaive in a narrow arc, cutting down first one wolf, then another.

    Move: stand up.
    Minor: draw weapon (well, uncover).
    Standard: Cleave vs. Wolf 1: 1d20+10=27, since they're known minions, I won't roll damage. I'm assuming 27 is a hit, and therefore 4 damage (enough) to Wolf 14.

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    Block MetaVoid

    Please state if you're very opposed to friendly fire. There are few points where I could center the blast onto the pc and catch multiple opponents.

    Also, Mewness, you could have attacked with one weapon and draw second next round.

    @renau1g, did stonegod drop that dire wolf next to Cyr?

    Full post around 4pm.
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    Block Darksteed

    Hmmm? *Kauldron quirks an eyebrow and idly looks around.*

    What yee be talkin about there's no wol.....*CLANG!**CLANG!**CLANG!*

    OOF! What the....*Kauldron now staring at the ground. He shakes his head from the sound startle. Looking over his shoulder to spot the wolves gnawing at his armored legs.*

    Well I'll be damned. *Kicking the first one off with a quick boot to the muzzle. He shakes free of the other couple.* Damn dogs. I ain't no snack to yee. *Speaking as he stood to his feet.*

    *Looking over his shoulder to the others quickly as he took a step back.* Oi Papolstaanas cover Shamus. We need nothing happening to 'em. I'll give these yappers something to think about.

    *Slipping his cigar over to the side and placing two fingers of his unarmed hand into this mouth. He blow hard sending out a screeching loud whistle, something that would rattle any keen of hearing ears.*

    Move: Stand from Prone.

    Standard: Shift to M9.

    Minor: Call to Challenge.
    -Target: Close Burst 3 (Wolf 4/5/6/8/9/10/12/15/16; Big Wolf 1/4)
    -Effect: Each target is subject to Kauldron's divine sanction until the end of his next turn.
    -Divine Sanction: Creatures are Marked taking a -2 penalty to attack rolls if they target another character other then Kauldron. As well as take 10 RADIANT damage if they target another character other then Kauldron.

    Goblin Tactics Trigger - Immediate Reaction to the First Enemy that misses Kauldron with a melee attack, shift 1 into a better flanking position for the strikers.

    Kauldron- Male Goblin Paladin 4
    Passive Perception: 12, Passive Insight: 12

    Normal - AC:23, Fort:18, Reflex:18, Will:17
    Vs. Charm AC:25, Fort:20, Reflex:20, Will:19
    Vs. Fear AC:25, Fort:20, Reflex:20, Will:19
    Vs. Psychic - AC:25, Fort:20, Reflex:20, Will:19


    HP:25/47, Temp HP:
    Bloodied:23, Surge Value:11, Surges left:12/12

    Divine Challenge
    Enfeebling Strike
    Goblin Tactics
    Virtuous Strike

    Action Point [ ]
    Call to Challenge [X]
    Channel Divinity [ ]
    Javelin [ ] [ ]
    Second Wind [ ]
    Strength from Valor [ ]
    Valorous Smite [ ]

    Lay on Hands [ ]
    Majestic Halo [ ]
    Symbol of Brawn [ ]

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    Quote Originally Posted by MetaVoid View Post
    @renau1g, did stonegod drop that dire wolf next to Cyr?
    See below

    Quote Originally Posted by renau1g View Post

    Damen bloodies the BW5.

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    Block MetaVoid

    Cyr retreats from the snarling beast and turns to see plethora of wolves attacking their right flank. Seeing Damen shooting the big one he ignores it for the moment and calls down rain of cutting blades around the paladin.

    The blades whirl in the air cutting the beasts and remain, parrying the attacks of the wolves.


    Move: shift to P5

    Standard: center in L8: Blades of Astral Fire vs Ref (BW1; BW4; w9; w10; w16) (1d20+8+1=19, 1d20+8+1=15, 1d20+8+1=22, 1d20+8+1=13, 1d20+8+1=19) - BW 4 and w10 missed - allies in the area (Tarkos and Kauldron) get +5 AC TENT;
    Radiant Damage (1d6+6=9)

    Interrupt: if BW 5 attacks Cyr and hits, use Miraculous Fortune, please. Note, Cyr has +1 to defenses vs bloodied enemies.

    Cyr Stats

    Deva Invoker 4
    STATUS: none
    * Interrupt: Miraculous Fortune (damage reduced by 5, one ally get +1 power bonus to attack) - trigger: surprise attack by non-necrotic attack or critical hit
    * Reaction: Preserver's rebuke - trigger: when two or more enemies are bloodied, and two or more allies are within 2 squares from Cyr

    Initiative +9; Senses Passive Insight 22, Passive Perception 23
    HP 34/34, Bloodied 17, Surge Value 8+1, Surges 7/7
    AC 20; Fortitude 15, Reflex 18, Will 19
    * Battle Intuition - +2 to initiative, use Wisdom modifier instead of Dexterity
    * Astral Preservation - After use of Preserver's Rebuke each ally within 2 squares gains +1 to all defenses against attacks by bloodied creatures until the end of the encounter
    * Coordinated Explosion - +1 to hit with blast and burst attacks if ally is in the area

    1 AP
    Saving Throws:
    Resist 7 radiant; Resist 7 necrotic
    Speed 5

    Vanguard's Lightning
    Hand of Radiance
    Rebuke Undead
    Preserver's Rebuke

    Blades of Astral Fires
    Second Wind
    Memory of Thousand Lifetimes
    Miraculous Fortune
    Falling Leaves

    Silent Malediction

    Staff of the warmage (daily free enlarge spell)
    Clearsense powder x 2 (consumable minor)

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    If I read that right, I need to wait until after the wolves before I can go. So, just waiting for that.

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    The adventurer's drop four of the smaller wolves and injure the larger ones, but they still keep coming...

    Kaeysari is again knocked down by a pair of the wolves.

    One bites at Tarkus, but a blast of divine light sears its fur and leaves the wolf dead. Another though manages to take the cleric off his feet.

    The smaller wolves ravage Kauldron, but the spinning blades of Cyr block the large wolf's meal.

    Phoenix is taken down by a smaller wolf and the larger one bites down on her ankle, breaking the skin.

    Finally, Papolstaanas is bitten in the calf by the wolves and they tear at him while the kobold is down.

    Surrounded on all sides, Shamus just clenches his pipe with a trembling hand.

    Enemy Actions

    Move to current spots.

    W17 & 18 - chargling leap on Kaey (1d20+9=26, 1d20+9=21) two hits, one for 4, other for 7 (knocked prone on 1st one)

    W4 bites Tarkus - bite Tarkus (w CA) (1d20+11=15) (forgot -2 from mark, but it dies)
    W15 attacks Tarkus - bite Tarkus(w CA & mark)w15 (1d20+11-2=27) hits for 4 & knocked prone

    bite Kauldron (w CA)- w5,6,10,16 (1d20+11=30, 1d20+11=16, 1d20+11=29, 1d20+11=19) two hits, knocked prone, 11 total damage

    BW1&4 attacked Kauldron - bite Kauldron (w CA) BW (1d20+12=25, 2d8+7=12, 1d20+12=20, 2d8+7=16) both miss

    W13 attacks Phoenix - bite Phoenic (w CA & mark)w13 (1d20+11-2=23) hits for 4 & knocked prone

    BW5 - attacks Phoenix - bite Phoenic (w CA (1d20+12=26, 2d8+7=11) hits for 11 more

    W8 & 12 - bite papa (w ca & mark) W8 & 12 (1d20+11-2=10, 1d20+11-2=21) 1 hit for 4 & knocked prone. W3 bites also - bite papa (w ca & mark) W8 & 12 (1d20+11-2=10, 1d20+11-2=21) hits for 7

    Unlocked Stats

    W's: 16 AC; ??/16/?? F/R/W
    BW: 19 AC; ??/17/?? F/R/W


    W's: 1/1 hp
    BW1: -22hp
    BW4: -41hp, bloodied
    BW5: -13hp

    Damen Bane: 49/49 hp, 7/7 surges, used 1 AP
    Kaeysari: 24/46 hp, 10/10 surges, prone
    Kauldron: 14/47 hp, 12/12 surges, +5 AC TENT, prone, bloodied
    Cyr Iannes: 34/34 hp, 7/7 surges
    Phoenix: 22/36 hp, 8/8 surges, prone
    Papolstaanas: 23/45 hp, 13/13 surges, prone
    Tarkus the Crusader: 27/31 hp, 9/9 surges, +5 AC TENT, prone

    Init: Everyone but Tarkus...
    kaul; kaey; tarkus; phoen; papo; cyr; damen; wolves (1d20+4=17, 1d20+4=24, 1d20=1, 1d20+3=17, 1d20+5=25, 1d20+9=13, 1d20+12=29, 1d20+7=12)

    Features of Area

    Undergrowth: Thick stands of creepers, vines, and saplings are difficult terrain.

    Trees: Close-growing conifers rise along both sides of the road. They grant total concealment. It takes a DC 10 Athletics check to enter the trees, and
    they are difficult terrain.
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